mr dad, fight and others re: antivirals

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    Hi guys! I started Acyclovir 800mg 5 times a day on Friday. I also started a prescription sleep aide that night. I am feeling sooooo much better. Better sleep, more energy, and I have a brain for the first time in a long time!

    I do not know if it was the antiviral or the sleep aide or the combination. There is room for much improvement, but I am encouraged. Also I know that it is really too soon to get too excited. I have been singing: I have a life, I have a life!

    Mr Dad, this is your life and your health. Chances are that you are more educated on this dd then your MD. If he will not listen to you find another MD that will. I would rather shorten my life span and have a life than live with death that just doesn't come. I had to change MDs to find one that was willing to listen to me.

    Sorry, I know this is short and to the point, but I have a little guy that I need to take to school. I will check back. Hugs, Tam
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    It's always wonderful to be able to get some sleep. Hope this is your magic key!

    Take care,
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    Thanks so much for your most thoughtful message concern-
    ing anti-virals. Haven't given up on the possible use
    of them at all! Will be getting tested to see if any of
    my old viruses are active again. Had Mono in Grad School
    and was hospitalized! Never got back my level of energy
    after that??? Also not ruling out bacterial infections.

    Please do have a Lyme test done thru Igenex labs as I am
    not convinced that your actually need to have the "Bulls-
    Eye rash to contact the disease. My Daughter has it and
    we don't really recall any direct incidence of a bite.
    The jury is stillout on this one.

    Stop by the "Porch" after "work" (it's a nobel profess.
    rather than a job) and sit awhile, "K"?

    Thanks again,
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    Hi Tam.

    This is great news! That's exactely how I felt after my first few Anti-Viral doses.

    Like someone else said, make sure you drink LOTS of Water. I mean a lot. Also if you can do some Lymphadic Drainage or detoxing to get the dead viruses out of your system, that would be a big help.

    By the way, how long are you going to do 800x 5 times a day?

    Are you going to lower dose eventually?