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    mr Dad

    you mentioned in a post that you were in a support group with someone trying the Valcyte treatment with some success.

    i was wondering if you could ask them what dosage they use for the med, and how long they will take it.

    the standard dosing regimen for the med is 900mg two times a day for the first three weeks and then 900mg once a day there after.

    i read a report that Dr Montoya was using 900mg a day for six months, but i don't know if he started twice a day and then moved down or started at that dose and stayed there.

    also we don't know if he did 450 mg twice a day or 900mg once a day.

    if you have anyway to get in touch with that person i think it might be very helpful info for us to bring to our DR.

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    Unfortuntely I won't be attending the next meeting of my group! What I suggest is that your Doctor attempt to reach Dr.Montoya at Stanford he should be able to help. I don't know how to contact the Gentlemen the group. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I'm attempting to research this avenue also. Best wishes Bill!!
    MRDAD P.S. Bill see the Post below on"Valganciclovir" as it is Valcyte. The Post refers alot to the work by Montoya!

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