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    Saw your post on mezombies thread, just wanted to post to you...

    From my experience at least, orders for blood tests from regular labs have to be signed by a doctor even if we can send for the forms/kits ourselves. I have gotten tests through my doctor by getting his signed order then calling up the company to get the kit, & then sending the sample with his RX/order. This allowed me to actually save $$ by not having the doctor's office 'process' it; but it has just been for things like urine tests.

    Certain organizations can do this differently by having their own doctor sign off on it. For instance I was able to order directly from the American Hemochromatosis organization. and go directly to a specific lab in my town, but only that lab.

    I also order thru Life Extension a lot of blood tests on my own; they send me authorizations signed by their own doctor even tho I never speak to him. They have it set up with LabCorp to draw the blood and send results directly to them.

    Both the American Hemochromatosis organization & Life Extension then sent the results to me.

    So I think IGenex, LabCorp & Quest, and others are not really any different - seems like the results have to go thru a doctor's hands first, somewhere.

    When my son had his tests (Western Blot etc.) they were sent to IGenex anyway, by orders of his doctor, even tho the blood was drawn at Quest Labs. And of course he had the orders signed by his LLMD and the results were sent to the doctor directly first.

    Wonder if any of the non-profit Lyme orgs have anything set up? I've never heard that they did, and I haven't seen any reference to this, but it would be great if they did... it would really help cut thru some of the frustration many of us have gone thru trying to get tested for some of these things!

    Hope you get it all worked out!

    All the best,

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    and bumping again...
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    Thankfully Mezombie left a "note" that you had placed
    this Post for me. I think you are aware that I also have
    the Iron Overload thingy ! I have the Kit from the Igenex folks in Palo Alto and have downloaded the forms from them to have my Doc review and sign! Was
    hoping to have Quest draw the blood in S.F. and have
    them relay the samples to Igenex if possible. My Doc
    will not get involved in the testing process itself?
    They most likely are not authorized under Medi-cal to
    go on "fishing" expeditions. It's gonna be interesting
    as one of their Docs assured me it had been done
    and came up negative just to shut me up! How's that
    for Medical ethics? I still remember that Bullseye rash
    and hope that after all this time, I'm wrong in my thought
    on the matter!

    I'll let ya know Victoria and thanks to All!

    MRDAD aka Joe

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    I really hope this time you get some answers that are clear! It probably will help a lot that you got the test kit directly from IGenex itself... can't wait to hear what the results are!

    SO I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ALL of us on the board here who are doing tests, treatments, test, treatments, etc., etc., etc.!!!!!!

    Hoping for the best,
  7. mrdad

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    I don't believe that the Test will be done until next week

    but I will let you know of the results as soon as I get

    them! Again, thanks.


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