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    My rls began when they deironed me. I was anemic and iron deficient, hgb 10 and ferritin 10.
    I'm sorry for the liver damage. They caught mine early. I too had a liver biopsy, but count was 1800 w/no damage. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm on phlebs every 3 months.
    During the de-ironing process, I began the pain & agony of Fibromyalgia. I was told to take Advil...ha ha ha!
    A rheumy dx me with it 4 months from HH dx.
    I am of Irish decent too.

    I too would love to compare notes as well. The iron board I was contributing to was shut down due to spamming.
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    I was happy to see that you got my messae concerning Hema. problem. My liver has been stable for over three years now and I too will be doing blood draws about every three months. Alot better than every week! The only thing I miss about going is the N-U-R-S-E-S. It was the closest I got to a "near-life-experience". Next draw is on Father's Day and it sounds like a good place to "hideout"!
    Reading your Bio, I am concerned for your Son and hope he is doing well. Does he also have hemachromatosis? Because, I understand it can be a possible trigger for other nerogen diseasesincluding M.S.
    Like you, I've done alot of research on my illness. I have had life time exposure to almost all the things they have examined concerning CFS. I even have a feeling that it could be Vaccine related going back to childhood and even to the near present!! Sooo-many posibilities!! Let's keep "the Faith" and hope for some answers for ourselves and other friends. Write to you soon. Take care!
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    Hi MRDAD,
    My son is doing ok, just started a physical therapy program for MS. When I was dx, he had his ferritin checked and it was at that time a little elevated. But, doc said it wasn't enough to worry about. He ate alot of red meat and drank beer, you know young guys!
    I have 2 other children, 2 daughters. One has been tested and her ferritin was at a normal level. I can't get the other to be tested, she's somewhat stubborn!!
    Sisters have been tested, both within normal range.
    I remember on the ironboard there were many that had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and MS. Also, some had heart problems,diabetes and arthritis.
    My next phleb will be in July.
    Good luck this month with yours.

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