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    Dear Mrdad, my own dad's in bed and I didn't get to say goodnight to him! How do ya like that? ;) Will you stand in tonight?

    I wanted to say thank you for your kind response to the cold weather thread. I save stuff like that in a binder. In fact, I have a post that I think was yours (I forgot to write the username on it, but I'm pretty sure it was you) taped up in my room for motivational uses.

    Dave got over the mono in about two weeks. I was SOOOOO relieved. And it was nice not to have that funky smell around once he got better. His throat reeked. He kept asking me if I wanted to look at his gross throat (some macho thing?), but I said NO every time. It was nice having him around for the weeks when he was home. And he was very quiet. Then he started looking better and going out a bit, and finally he was able to go back to work. He says his foot still hurts when the weather changes (he broke it a few months ago) but other than that... he's a slob. :) No complaints.

    If I remember right from your bio, you worked in antiques? I had a passion for all things aged back when I was mobile. I even collected old pennies. In Cranbrook we had this place called OJ's Antiques. It was one of those wildly disorganised, dim, dusty places that gives you the creeps even if you've gone in a million times - especially the basement. I hope it's still there. I'd love to go back and look around again sometime. I haven't noticed any antique stores here in Calgary, but I haven't seen much of the city so far.

    Did you own the creepy and mysterious kind of antique store, or the super classy and polished kind of antique store? What interests you about antiques? Has your home ended up looking like an antique store? ;) If I could get this darn scanner to work, I could post some photos taken of my room from when I lived in Kelowna. I used to put up these elaborate and impossible to dust displays with all sorts of stuff in them. I'd change them about once a year. I even made a road out of pennies in different states of tarnish and arranged my antique toy cars on them. I called it Penny Lane. :)

    How's the weather in SF? Dad drove us through your town a few times on the way to the the grandparents in San Jose, and all those steep streets had me terrified. I was sure we'd keep right on rolling down! lol

    I was also wondering, What kinds of art do you like?

    A lot of questions... Just answer the ones you like best. :)
    ((hugs)) Shannon of the North (brrrrrr)
  2. 1sweetie

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    Please excuse me for interrupting your private thread. I just wanted to make sure you know we have a thread called the Porch Light is On and mrdad visits The Porch quite often. Feel free is stop by and visit with all of us. Everyone is welcome and we would love for you to join us.

    There are several volumes of The Porch. After 30 post or so we start again. If you have the time check them out and join us on The Porch.
  3. Shannonsparkles

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    Sounds fun. I'll make a note to look it up.
    Hope I remember to read the note! lol
    (( )) Shannon
  4. mrdad

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    I was sohappy to see your Post looking for me! As
    Sweetie has suggested, you would be most wecome to
    join we other kids on the Porch at any time!. I rem-
    member how ill you were early part of summer as your
    Bro. was also from the Mono thing! Had it 30 years
    ago and it can be awful and difficult to "recover"
    from! Impressed with how much more you were concerned
    with his well being and your own was secondary! You
    must be a very warm and wonderful young women!

    Glad you are so interested in the "old stuff". There is
    almost too much to know so I think that finding a par-
    ticular interest and pursueing it. Used books stores
    are a good source for publications on antiques as well
    as thrift stores! I learned alot from my clients as
    so many of them had specialties. "Penney Lane-that's
    cute". Coins, glassware, photos, post cards etc. and
    much easier to collect, transport and store than wood
    cook stoves or alike as you can well appreciate. Went
    to a "yard sale" once, bought it then couldn't figure
    out how to get it home!! Enuff of that, hah?

    Shannon, the weather here is fairly nice most of there
    year! Sometimes wet winters but seldom below 45 at
    nite if we are going through a "freeze". It's in the
    High 50's in the winter mos. in the Aft. often fog in
    Late eve and early morn. then Sunshine! You are wel-
    come to come, but we're cutting it off for anymore Peeps
    after you get here! Have a very nice looking 26 Y.O.
    Son who might grab your attention living across Town!

    I love those Dusty and dark antique stores too! Mine
    however, was the kind that I vacuumed twice aday and
    demanded that People wipe their Foots before coming
    in to the place! Started out with antiques that were
    discreetly for sale in my restaurant in the Sierra Mtns.
    Also had artwork on the walls much of it was new how-
    ever to support local artists. I do have more antique
    artwork from pen and pencil to watercolors and oils.
    Like very much the landscape art especially the dark
    oils and Luminous Period influenced. Flemish landscapes

    We can have an on-going conversation on this and other
    subjects at your leisure, "K"? Hop[e to see ya on the
    Porch too!

    Your friend,

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  5. mrdad

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    Where is ya?? Having Turkey I hope for Your Thanksgivin'

    Is Dad from California? I know the way to San Jose.

    Big City now!!
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hello Shannon. Ya th--ere--ere-ere??
  7. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Vaccuumed twice a DAY??? You're worse than my dad! We had the house inspector in this morning, and so last night dad was vaccuming with last-minute fervor. He's very particular about how the carpet looks, but he doesn't seem to notice the piles of his old letters and paper scattered over every surface. The clutter is what bothers me. I think if I was healthy we could keep the place pretty clean between the two of us. ;)

    Sorry I've been away from the computer for awhile. My brain and sitting ability haven't been tops lately.

    What do you collect? I'll have to look up the art styles you mentioned, as I think they are new to me. I mostly try to collect memories these days: memories of how things look outside, or memories of good phone conversations and exciting parts of novels. Nothing tangible. Highly transportable. And yet, hard to come by. :) I have some valuable memories involving leaves in various seasons. What are memories of leaves going for these days? I wouldn't want to just throw them in with my "yard sale." ;)

    Have you lived in other places besides SF? My grandma lived in San Jose, but she moved to Kansas a few years back to be near her mother. I've visited her is KS twice. I like Witchita more than San Jose, now that I think about it. Once Straw Hat Pizza got renovated, San Jose lost its charm for me. ;) Wicheta is lovely and old. Have you been to La Brea Tar Pits?

    ((hugs)) Shannon
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Glad ya found me before I got dusty in the 'puter files
    somewhere out there! I'm gonna "crAsh" for tonite but
    wish to get back wiff ya here tomorrow to "speak" wiff
    ya if you're up to it. "K"?

    Huggles to ya Shannon,

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