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    Hey there! Nice to hear from you in the dumb advice thread. Wish I could reply to everyone, but I forget just about everything immediately after I read it. My mind is like a sieve. I hear you're pretty popular on the porch. I can't keep up, personally. Seems like a great place.

    How am I doing? I saw a sunrise yesterday... yeah, technically yesterday. I thought I was seeing a "reverse sunset" before I remembered that this is what dawn looks like. lol Today I saw a documentary on Lustron houses. I wish I'd been sharper mentally so that I could understand why they didn't produce many of them.

    Dad's found a new song to sing. It's "Crash Here Tonight," by Toby Keith. Last night he sang "If Tomorrow Never Comes" in memorial of my mom and of Rockin' Ronny, who passed away old and well-loved just last week. The boys are mostly sleeping or at work, which is just where I want them to be! Did I mention that Dave has an identical twin brother named Craig?

    As to whether we'll figure this thing out, here's hoping. What's the haps in SF this week? What do you usually do in a day?

    ((Huggles - sounds like the name of a Care Bear, eh?)) Shannon :)
  2. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Bump! (Oh my goodness! I just went BUMP in the night, lol!)

    Hope you're doing super. Is it okay to ask what your first name is? Should I call you Mister? ;)

    Tc & hugs (( )) Shannon

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