MRI contrast and length question - for sunny or anybody

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sb439, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. sb439

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    I'm meant to have an MRI of the brain with contrast, and wonder how this works. Do they inject something into your brain, or into your blood, or do you have to eat something weird?
    Also, how long does it take? some say 20 minutes (which I can just about imagine doing), others 45 minutes.
    Sunny, you imply in a recent message that there are two kinds of sedatives, and one might interfere with the test result - do you know what they are?
    And are there any people who had an MRI and got through it easily, without feeling terrible during and after it?
    Many thanks!
  2. Combatmedic

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    20-30 minutes should be about right. The contrast goes into your vein. They usually, on mine they did anyways, took a few pictures, pulled me out of the machine, added the contrast, and put me back in the machine, took some more pictures. I had brain AND c-spine, and it took MAYBE 45 minutes.
    How could a sedative affect test results? you either have a lesion/tumour, etc. or you don't. A sedative isn't going to mask that.
    What they commonly give around here, is a low dose of Ativan before MRI's. I've never needed anything, as MRI's aren't a problem for me, but I understand how they can be for some. Also, the one I go to at the hospital, has earhones so that you can listen to music during the brain MRI. Not that is masks the sound of the machine, in any way shape or form!

    Good luck to you, for me, the hardest part is simply laying in the same painful position for the duration. They will put a pillow under your knees also.

  3. sapphire

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    I have had several recently and I have no problem at all with them. If you're only having one of the brain it doesn't take long at all. I'd much rather have an mri than a cat scan. The hardest part for me is laying still but they do give you headphones so you can listen to music so it goes by pretty fast.
    I hope everything turns out OK for you. I'm sure this is stressful for you.

  4. sb439

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    this is very reassuring! So I won't work myself up into a state beforehand.