mri,how did you find it?what are you expecting?

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    loads of questions here,i thought all in all it could provide i guide for those yet to experiance it.

    were you calm or freaked out? did the operator and staff put you at ease? what did you wear? did you have support with you?

    ok,i was fairly calm about the actual scan but was concerned about the possible out come as it was to look for ms and it seemed more likely as my mum has ms.
    the department was completly away from the main hospital and was decked out like a living room and was fairly informal (west suffolk hospital) the staff were friendly and they went over the form i was given to fill out just to make sure it was right. i was asked stuff like any tattoos/piercings? had i had a shunt or any surgery? that sort of thing my hubby was allowed in w/me and he was given the same form to fill in.

    i was asked to change but the room was away from every one and i put on a gown (w/open back) but was given a dressing gown and then a locker for my clothes and things.

    music was playing as i went in and every step was explained as it happened the 'bed' was low down and easy to get on and was very well padded then a pad was put under my legs to stabilise them then a blanket over my legs.

    a plastic frame was slotted in near my head which held my shoulders then i was given ear cans to protect my ears,this had the same music through and then another frame was slotted in to the shoulder frame and this housed a mirror so that i could see out of the 'polo tube'.

    when i was settled a knob to the left of my head was turned and the 'bed' rose up but it doesnt feel like it and then a button to my right was pushed and i sild backwards into the tube.

    the operator leaves the room but you can still see her and she can hear you but you are also given a panic button if its too much for you.

    when the scan starts its very noisy and the whole tube vibrates this many ppl can find alarming-even as i was relaxed it made me jump and she said it was coming.

    the first scan was 2.5 mins then a big gap then a 5 minute scan then a big gap the another 2.5 min scan then a short gap then another 2.5 gap.

    they are in constant contact. ny hubby was afraid to touch me as he thought it would interfere. he neednt of worried he would have been fine to touch my leg but i was ok.

    as well as the music they pipe air conditioned air through the tunnel but not so that you get cold,it was vrey refreshing.

    i think thats about it lol and i hope this will be of help to someone.
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    I had a similar experience. I took the whole thing as a big 'adventure' and tried to make it a fun life experience.
    Suprising it was, but all in all: a good experience.
    Luck with the results. Mine were OK.
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    forgot to say,sorry.

    it came up w/that i dont have ms but i do have me/cfs and arthralgia (wrote about on a differtent post)

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    i had a mri scheduled for this morning. it is a 2 hour drive and i was about 40 minutes from home when the tech called me and they had to re schedule me due to there wAS NO doctor present to give me the injection. kind of a let down, i had been worried for 2 weeks about this scan. it will tell them if my pituitary macroadenoma has grown or is causing hormone production.
    i have to have a open mri, i cant go in the tube.
    be well
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    i am sorry.
    just when you have the worry and preperation you are let down.

    i am sorry will you have to wait long? i hope you get an apology !
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    Ok Now did you get this one??? I'm trying til I get it right.LOL
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    This one way a portable mri,that is hooked up to a truck and can go from place to place and is set up in the parking lot away from the hospital.Was wheeled out there in a wheel chair.ER staff wasn't nice at all about me asking for something cause I'm extremely clauserphobic, and sent me on my way..I felt bad for the techinican cause she had to deal with me freakin out right before she started the test..No piped in music,air condition nor a panic button.All she hear was get me the f out of here I can't breathe,she even called the ER to see if I could get something cause it was so obivious that I'm extremely clauserphoic,but they say no,and that if I didn't have it done when I got back to the ER I would have to leave due to refusing medical treatment,after a few minutes we tried it again and with her talking me through it and thinking about a very special moment taht I shared with a friend I managed to get through it barely..Had few words with Dr afterwards and claims no one told her about what had happen (likely story)..I'm so glad you had a better experience than I did..
  8. smiffy79

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    oh my god that diabolical.outrageous and down right awful!

    im so sorry that happened to you,what a bunch of gits at that a&e
  9. smiffy79

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    want your mri storys,was it as easy as mine or as awful as marriannes?
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    Yup had two recently and was very nervous as I too am claustrophobic. First one took 40 minutes and then she took me out and siad now we have to do injection. I said no way as I had had enough. On that one they found 40 lesions and a pituitary tumour. Had to go back second time to check out tumour and that took 20 minutes. Neither were as bad as I thought and I have to have a third which I am not bothered by. I did experience pain with the first as lying still on back for forty mins caused me back spasms ( i have DDD and herniated disks). I still have not had the Contrast as I'm scared of a reaction too but guess I will have to have the third time. Good luck guys oh and let me know about pituitary tumour!!!!
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    I'm so sorry that you had such an awful experience with your MRI.

    I've never had an MRI because I have a pacemaker for my heart--you can't have them.

    I have had to have CT scans. When I've had them, they act like there is nothing to them. I have not had to change in a hospital gown or anything--just lie on the table and go through an arch-type thing and that was it.

    I'm not familiar with a couple things you said that diagnosed--I'll have to see what you said on the other post.

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    I had an MRI about a year ago for my back--to find out what was causing sciatica.

    I have to tell you it was like a small vacation for me! I was having terrible sciatica pain at the time, trying to keep a brand new business going, coping with all my husband's issues around ADD and bipolar disorder, and mommy to a wonderful (and very active) 3 year old.

    I went in the tube and nearly fell asleep, in spite of all the banging and weird music and the technician calling in to make sure I was ok. Much less chaotic than being at home!

    Turned out I had a cyst caused by arthritis in my spine. It was pushing on the sciatic nerve and causing the pain.

    I'm claustrophobic, too. My doctor gave me a valium to take first. Come to think of it, maybe that's why it was so pleasant.

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    for newbie