mri inconclusive and dr visit

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    Well, I really like my dr. We actually had a 30 min appoitment yesterday :)

    My MRI of my brain says I may have something (dilation/volume/artifact) around my opitc canal/nerve. Could be nothing, could be something. I see the neurolgist tomorrow (Fri). Bitting Nails.

    He said this could explain my strange visual disturbances. Or,it could just be the fms. I also go my official FMS diagnosis, not just the probably, lets see how you are in 4 weeks diagnosis. He is definatly, 100% sure I have this yucky stuff.

    I also brought him some literature and he photo copied it. I took that as a good sign that he is open to new ideas. He also wants me to contact my psyciatrist about changing my antidepressant and he gave me a script for pain, but only to use when really bad.

    He said my MRI showed i don't have MS, so that is good, but I have all the symptoms, so he is leaving that one up to the neuro. Anyone have MS or MS symptoms?

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    could you possibly have CFS and Fibro, that's what I have. Many of these illnesses including MS have overlapping symptoms.

    That's good you have a doctor who is willing to learn and read, it makes a difference having one on your side.

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    I mentioned CFS being the "same" as fms, and he kind of agreed but didn't agree, if youknow what i mean. I think I have both, but I don't know if it really matters if the dr does right now, you know? It will come in time. I am to see him again after the neuro.
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    with the neurologist Mary.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    I hope he can help with these headaches!
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