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    well almost 3 weeks ago now i got my mri results. i haven't posted them because i wanted to think things through a bit first, but this is what i now know.

    i am back on warfarin/cumadin for clotting in my brain as a result of mini-strokes, ms or possible lupos [sp]. the mri also showed hardening of the arteries in the white matter of the brain, leading to the neurologist to believe that it's probably mini-stroks. but because of the other symptoms i have ms is a strong possibility, so needless to say, more tests.

    if it weren't for the fact that i finally have someone to talk to, i'd probably be in a nut house by now. to many symptoms, including optical nerve damage in my right eye suggest ms, which is why that has not been ruled out.

    another problem is that i am continueing to loose weight, so depending on some blood work to be done next week, i may just be put on medicinal pot to help with that. yeah me. i know, i'm so sarcastic.

    i've read a lot of info on all my symptoms and i don't understand it, to be honest, sometimes i surprise myself that i still know how to spell, even trying to figure out a word i need to use is hard to do sometimes.

    my family still doesn't believe that there is anything wrong with me as i don't 'look' like i have a prob, but that's their problem, not mine. i just wish i knew what to do, the last thing i want to do is go to my parents tomorrow and be expected to do all the work for the miserable gathering. which of course includes looking after all my nieces and nephews, make sure lunch is ready and then supper when it comes around to that. i have 2 sisterst that will be there as well as 2 sister-in-laws, why can't my mother put them to good use. i just don't get it.

    oh well, i've got it off my chest and now i'm gonna go back to crocheting a baby blanket for a pregnant friend of mine.

    have a good one all.

    sorry for the lack of capitalization, my shift key doesn't work.
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    just thought i'd let you all know what happened yesterday.[This Message was Edited on 12/26/2005]
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    thanks for your comments. i just wish the doc's would make up their minds, i was diagnosed with fibro, and now on top of it i may or may not have all or a combo of these other probs. it just seems no one wants to give any definitive answers as that would mean less testing and less money in their pockets. at least that's what i'm starting to suspect.

    thanks again for your support, and i'm sorry to get cranky on you at this point, have a wonderful xmas.

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    thank you all for being so understanding, i really appreciate it, and reading it all now, right before going, you make me feel much better.

    thanks again and a hearty merry christmas to you all,

    gentle hugs back for you all
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    After 4 years of "kind-of" knowing what's going on, and what to tell people I have, I sympathise. My primary doc has been the state chair of MS Society in another state, and she and I were both convinced I have MS. A few more months and a few more tests later, and I've got ME (CFIDS) instead.

    And for the family; just because you love them and they love you doesn't give them squatting rights in your head. Stay positive and if the family wants to be all toxic on you, give yourself a "time out" to breathe deeply and relax. If you need to leave the room three times, go home. Have the best Christmas possible.
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    i took everyones advise about what to do at my family gathering, and guess what. i didn't do a thing to help get the table ready, i did not take care of the kids, and after needing 3 timeouts for myself because of all the questions, i went home. i am very proud of myself for being able to do that for once.

    i've always been the first one there and the last to leave, doing the majority of the work, well for once my 2 sisters and both sister-in-laws, took turns helping mom out. mom even said it was the best xmas yet. go everyone was actually concerned about me, and even though i wasn't pampered, they didn't push me to do anything like they normally do. although they did complain when i went to sit in the living room by myself where it's more comfortable then the hard wooden chairs and benches in the diningroom.

    all in all it was a pretty happy day, thanks for the advise everyone, it worked wonders,

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    They did two brain MRIS on me! I have a pituitary tumour and 40 small foci. Not sure whether mini strokes or what. Having another in January so lets keep each other updated! N
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    that sounds like a good idea my dear. i'll tell you more when i know more. thanks for your support.