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    My wonderful doc called me at home at 7:00pm to let me know my MRI results. They were mostly normal, but showed a small cyst on my spine parallel to bottom of shoulder blade. Now I have to get an MRI on that. That puts me closer to FM diagnosis, but am now being sent to an Internal Medicine specialist, as my doctor and I agree everything else should be ruled out. I'm relieved there was no sign of MS, as she originally suspected. Thanks for all the help & support. I hope everyone is feeling better than I am this week. Laura
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    That step by step process sometimes seems neverending to get to the final destination....a diagnosis of FM. It is like relief to hear and then it sinks in...I have FM.

    What will they do with the cyst? Do you know for sure? I know sometimes like with my sons they wait for it to just absorb itself and have me monitor.

    I am releived you don't have MS either. You take care and hope you are feeling better.

    Take care and kitten hugs,
    Blessed Be,
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    My husband also had a cyst on his spine, the doctor called it a Synovial Cyst and it developed after he has back surgery.

    In his case, it caused pain so they did a steriod injection.

    I wanted to mention here to everyone I can - for 2 years I just felt bad all over, and had symptoms of gastritis. I also have fibromyalgia, but this was in addition.

    A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with gallstones. I had the gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago and am remarkably better.

    My surgeon said many doctors miss diagnosing gallbladder disease. In the process of your tests, you might want to make sure your gallbladder is okay. It takes a simple ultrasound test to detect gallstones.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the gall bladder. I went to a lady who does some naturopathic work, iridology & blood analysis. She said she thought I had issues with my gall bladder. I didn't think much of it as at the time I felt it was unrelated, but will definately bring that one up with the doctor. Can you tell me if there are any tests/ signs & symptoms to look for . Thanks again. Laura
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    I had to have my gallbladder removed in February and every test showed nothing wrong until they did a HIDA scan. I actually showed my gallbladder was not working at all. At the time it helped me alot to have it removed and there was nothing to it, I went home the same day I had surgery

    Gallbladder Tests
    Gallbladder problems are diagnosed using various tests. These might include:
    Liver function tests (LFTs) — These are blood tests that can show evidence of gallbladder disease.
    Check of the blood’s amylase or lipase levels to look for pancreatic inflammation — Amylase and lipase are enzymes produced in the pancreas.

    Complete blood count (CBC) — A CBC looks at levels of different types of blood cells, such as white blood cells. A high white blood cell count might indicate infection.

    Ultrasound — Ultrasound testing uses sound waves to image the intra-abdominal organs, including the gallbladder.

    Abdominal X-ray — This test might show evidence of gallbladder disease, such as gallstones.

    Computed tomography (CT) — This scan constructs detailed X-ray images of the abdominal organs.

    HIDA scan — During this test, a radioactive material, called hydroxy iminodiacetic acid (HIDA), is injected into the patient. The radioactive material is taken up by the gallbladder to measure gallbladder function. This test also is referred to as cholescintigraphy.

    Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) — This test uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to produce detailed pictures.

    Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) — This is a procedure during which a tube is placed down the patient’s throat, into the stomach, then into the small intestine. Dye is injected and the ducts of the gallbladder, liver, and pancreas can be seen on X-ray.

    Hope this helps and take care,
    Have a great Thanksgiving,
    Blessed Be,

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    What a wonderful doctor!! you are lucky to have a caring doctor. I received the results of my MRI last month. The radiologist report was faxed to me on a Tuesday. Friday, the doctor still hadn't called me, so I called her. I guess I need to search out a new pcp.

    Radiologist says there is a 3cm long by 1.4 lesion on my hip. Findings consistant with enchondroma. I go to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning to find out what to do about it since it causes pain on that side. Docs and myself have been writing it off as FM for a few years now, finally got an Xray and MRI. Makes me mad, expecially if it has turned into the "c" word. I am gong to insist on a CT scan or MRI of my whole body to check for more areas.

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