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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat0465, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. kat0465

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    has anyone got an MRI done on thier brain and was found to have leisions? they found some on mine, but said thier from Migrains. all i know is having leisions on your brain can't be good, but doc didnt seem worried, and said No MS.
    Also have 3 Bulging disks in spine, & Arthritis in spine too :(
    Like the FM isnt bad enough, im at the end of my rope, Tramadol didnt help with the pain so she put me on vicodin(Yuk) would like to know whats everybody taking for thier pain, seems like i should be on a muscle relaxer too,but thats all she put me on.and info would be helpful, thanks, Kat
  2. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    really scares me, i cant help it.
    i live in southeast texas, about 20 miles from the coast. i for sure am getting sick of this part of Tx, sick of the hurricanes :( it's been a rough 3 years here. i'd like to move away, but the hubbys job keeps us here, especially in this economic disaster!!
    what part of Tx are you in? im guessing your Not from Tx,lol.
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    I went to the conference that was in Ft. Lauderdale a couple of years ago. The lesions on the brain were specifically talked about by a woman from the NIH (National Institutes of standard of medicine in the world). She said that they were nothing to worry about.

    Well, that is easy for her to isn't HER brain. I, personally, do not agree with her and think that my brain is in pretty bad shape.. I mean, I am 59 and can't read a book. And I have just started taking ritalin to be able to stay awake during the day. I have had this DD 23 years though.

  4. kat0465

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    to Not agree that thier nothing either!! i too have cognitive trouble, i have been an avid reader all my life, and now,it takes months to finish a book. sometimes i dont even understand the words im reading. i am at almost 20 yrs with this DD, and it's not getting easier to live with nor am i getting better :( i am literally at the end of my rope.tired of dr visits, meds, just the overall feeling of being SICK, i dont remember anymore what it felt like to wake up & feel good, i used to but after 20 years, thats gone too.
    if you dont mind me asking, whats the ritalin for?? more energy?? doc dosent offer me much for that just seems to throw a few pain meds at me. guess theres really nothing else.
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    Hi Kat. Have you thought of getting a second opinion about the lesions? I had an MRI and have none, but I'd be freaking out if they found any. I'd definitely want to get another doctor's opinion. I take Vicodin for my pain, that's all my doctor has ever had me take, besides Cymbalta. I do ok on vicodin, but i've taken it for so long, i have to take more per day for it to work as well. That's the only bad complaint I have about it.
    best wishes
  6. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i go back to doc in 8 weeks, and were gonna have a long talk about lots of things, especially that. i think i need a neuro doc to take a look. for my own sanity. i have a great doc, but at times when shes overloaded with patients, i have a hard time talking to her about everything thats going on. she took me off tramadol, and put me on vicodin, and the pain is better today.Tramadol did nothing for me :( i didnt want to take a narcotic,but it's better than the constant Pain.thanks for the post, Best to you too!!
  7. spacee

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    The ritalin is for daytime sleeping. Over just a few months time, I could barely leave the house because of the need to sleep in the day. Slept all night too.

    I wanted so much to ride with my hubby to the airport to take my son but I couldn't stay awake. In desperation I took some of my son's ritalin (he has documented ADD). And it helped so much. Also helped with my low serotonin level. I can't take antidepressants. (I take SAMe for that too).

    So, I googled and they listed Ritalin as an experimental drug for CFS, took it to my doc (you know, leading the pcp by the hand) and he gave me a rx for it.

    I keep the 5mg by my bed with a glass of water. I can barely get up in the morning without it. Then I usually take one before lunch and before supper. Sometimes I can skip the supper one.

    I still can't read a book but I can leave the house and run errands and have a happy time.
    I do watch Netflix movies though...that helps.

    I take tramadol for my pain. I have arthritis of the spine too. Right now it helps but I can see the day coming when it isn't going to be enough.

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  8. what were they looking for in your brain. Reason I ask I have to have one down the road my dr says as my hand shakes alot and I feel my leg now shaking. I don't know what she is looking for.

    When they did it did u need an IV and pls tell me no injection etc in YOUR HEAD?BRAIN for the test. OMG fibro is a nightmare let alone all this #$#@ we have to go through!

    I wonder what all these drs do to our bodies over the yrs. we are like guinea pigs.

    GOOD LUCK and a gentle hug to you. I know this is hard not knowing, but pls try to not stress out as it makes us hurt so much worse. (easier said than done, been there done that)
  9. Rafiki

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    Non specific lesions in the deep white matter of the brain are a very common finding with ME (aka CFIDS, CFS) and may be with FM. I can tell you that a friend of mine with FM has them, too.

    I had an MRI 6 or 7 years ago and had more than a dozen lesions. The radiologist looks for size, location, etc. to determine whether or not the lesions are worrisome. For instance, lesions that indicate MS look a certain way and are in specific areas. The lesions found in ME, Migraine, etc. are non specific in both appearance and location.

    Additionally, many people with no known conditions have non-specific lesions. MRIs haven't been around long enough for us to know why some people have these non specific lesions while most young people do not so we are only guessing at their significance or lack of same.

    What we do know is that it is expected that non-specific lesions will show up in a certain percentage of the population - more often in ME and other conditions - and there is no known correlation with a poor outcome. People over 50 have them quite frequently.

    In ME there may be a correlation between number of lesions and degree of cognitive difficulty but we're not sure yet. Also, lesions can come and go.

    I totally get freaking out a little bit but it does seem as though your doctor is right and this is not a particularly significant finding. I know, I thought that was crazy too but everything I've read in the intervening years seems to bear it out.

    One danger with these lesions is being overdiagnosed, as I was, and being told I had MS -I don't- and having to live with that for a little while until it was sorted out. So, you may want to see a neuro for a second opinion of your MRI but if that conflicts with your doc. you may end up looking for a 3rd opinion.

    I'm sure many people will come along and chime in with their stories. You are not alone and, in the scheme of things, it really doesn't seem to be a big deal. The anxiety will settle down in a bit.

    Peace to you,

    ETA I was older than you are now when I had my MRI (I was 49) but one of my kids, who has neither ME nor FM, had a couple of non-specific lesions on is MRI in his 20s that turned out to be of no consequence. Also, the friend I mentioned with FM had his MRI in his very early 40s.

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  10. kat0465

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    i was having some burning pains down both legs, and my hands and feet were going numb a lot, so she ordered the MRI,and some kinda nerve tests where the stick you with these needles & then zap you with electricity.
    Absolutely NO needles in the head i promise,lol. but they did shoot me with contrast, they did one with & one without.they just gave me a shot in the arm like when they take blood. wasen't bad at all, i was concerned cause the last time i did contrast( years ago) it made me feel really bad. But they use something new now, and you dont have that Hot yuky feeling. in my case she was ruling out MS, i hate all the tests too! and am a wreck until i get the results back, but i know she does that just to make sure it's still just fibro & nothing else. Maybe thats what your Dr. is doing.
    Good Luck to you too! Hoping your MRI is clear!!!!
  11. kat0465

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    thanks for all the trying to just Let it go, i have a way of worrying myself sicker!!
    Also i watched a dr on you tube that was talking about cfids/me, and she was saying how our bodies age faster than otherwise healthy people. i sure believe that!!! maybe thats the reason for all the leisions, heck who knows. and i didnt know they could come and go. it was funny before she told me i had em i was complaining about bad migrains lately, then she read the results, and it says thier consistent with Migrains.I can sure understand how they could hurt your brain,i'd rather be in labor,lol.
  12. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Sounds like you're already getting a handle on it. Good for you!

    Peace out,

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