MRi set for today, I pray it is just a cyst

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    Hey everyone.Today is the day.I was suppose to have MRI Fri. but the machine was broke.But today at 2 I will be taking my klonopin and getting ready to slide into a tube for 45 minutes.I have done more breast exams in the last week than I think I have in a long time.I keep hoping the cyst is gone but it's not.The scarey thing about it is I remember feeling this lump a year ago and just ignored it.mainly due to the fact I just couldn't face another medical problem and just blew it off.Let's pray that wasn't a major mistake.I finally told my parents yesterday but made very light of it.Kept a positive face on so they wouldn't worry.

    Well we had our Halloween party Sat. night.The whole family was looking forward to it.Carrie had fun scaring people.Which was the main reason for the party.It seems that no one looked at their invitations and exspected a meal when they got to the house.I planly put light snacks would be provided.Some of the guests were disappointed I think cause we didn't have hot dogs and hamburgers.We can't afford to feed 40 people and the party was mainly for the ghost stories and the hayride for the children.I was disappointed in how it all ended.Then I had a disagreement with my sister the next day.

    I had my mind set on this party all week to keep my mind off the MRI and diagnoses.

    Yesterday I made fried apple pies for my parents ,took them over to them,spent time with them came home, and just collapsed from exhaustion.Mental and physical.

    I have to say that my DH is being very supportive and very helpful.I couldn't ask for a sweeter guy.180 degree turn around.He is going with me today for the MRI.I wouldn't want anyone else to take me.

    Well, I will get back with ev later tonight and let everyone know how it went.I may get results today but more likely tom.

    Say another prayer for me friends.
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    I'll be thinking of you.

    Sorry you're party didnt go so well, not to worry, I'm sure no-one starved.

    Let us know how you get on.

  3. MamaDove

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    We will all be thinking of you...

    Let us know how you do...

  4. Sheila1366

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    I had the Mri today.It went well.I had to lay on my stomach which is good ,i couldn't see how closed in I was.
    I had to get my paper work from admitting and take it to radiology.I looked on the paper and beside diagnoses it had breast cancer?That really scared me but I quickly put it in the back of my mind.I hope to get results tom.I will be in check with everyone.
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    My prayers are with you. Keep your spirits high! I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor. I was originally diagnosed almost 16 years ago at the age of 33. Please post and let us know how you are doing.

    I'll be thinking of you,
    Sheila (Yes, my name is really Sheila)
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    I called the dr.'s office in hopes to get results but was told it could be tom. or Thurs. In the meantime I am hurting more than usual.So very tired.I just feel numb.I talked to my mother today.Wish I had never told her.She tried to tell me that a biopsy is always done first not an MRI.I wonder if she even believes me.And then has the nerve to complain how this has made her nervous and she needs to know what is wrong cause it is not good for her to worry.Everything goes back to her.I told my brother about the MRI and my sister.Brother hasn't called to check on me and my sister is on my dog poop list right now.I think just to ease my stress I am not answering the phone if either one of them call.I should have known to reach out to them.I was afraid this would happen.Rejected once again and possibly not believed.I do know one thing I do not want my mom envolved in any part of this if it does turn out to be bad.She has no compassion for me.

    Well I am gonna try and stay awake til Jimmy gets home from work then I am going to bed.I am so drained.

    Thanks again for listening,
  7. laura81655

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    Sometimes they can be so clueless on how to react or help.
    Your Mom reacted badly, but I'm sure she is worried about you. Sure glad that your DH is there for you, don't know where I would be right now without mine.
    I hope you can post soon with good results.