MRI showed DDD

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    I had an MRI done, and it showed the beginnings, or mild, degenerating disc disease. Lymenet talks about it being caused by lyme.

    So, I'm hoping the appt. with a neurosurgeon is a long wait and the lyme treatment makes a difference soon. So far, they aren't moving very quickly to get back to me, so maybe I'll have improvement by the time I get in to see one and they do their own tests.

    The one plus is that my insurance won't be turning down any pain meds I may need, because this is now in my record.

    Anyone else have this to add to their list of diagnoses?
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    i had mri of low back done--dx came back DDD but normal for 50yo male in construction / DDD is the most common condition or ailmet presented by humankind / 4years ago spine Xrays showed multiple locations with DDD-C1&2--T7&8--L4&5--i was given vicodin es and norco to be taken as needed in big big jugs / did you know that the signal for pain and the signals of emotions use the same neurotransmitting pathways to and from the brain? / the pain went away-ifelt good -and i had good energy for an aging daredevil / w found the lyme after the morgie symptoms strarted--at that time i had never heard of M___G___Ns but the Drs at UC Davis had / any way DDD is just as common as bad breath and farts--everyone has it-- its a natural process of the body but it is not a good thing
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    Thank you for responding. I'll be making an appt today.

    I'm not suprised that Pain and emotions use the same pathway. I see that in myself.

    I don't understand what morgie and m...g... stand for. Maybe I'll find out at my appt.
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    Morgellons Disease...

    Check for more info... it's finally got a study going, as again one of those controversial things that normally get written off as being psychological.

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    I just looked up the information. What a sad situation! I heart goes out to anyone with that.
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