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    Has anyone gone through this? I have been having lots of issues, the latest is bowel incontinence. Rheumy says I have tendonitis in my elbows, and bicept tendon (shoulder) and bursitis in my hip. She does not know why my hands go numb.

    This neurologist says it could be anything from poor sleep to medicine I am taking to MS. He is doing MRI to rule out lesions on the spine.
  2. I'm one who was* diagnosed....but, I don't believe it is correct. Topamax,----I was on this med for over 2 yrs, FOR* MS problems--and did not even realize HOW MANY OF THEM it'd caused...I thought I was progressing...badly. I quit the topamax, and- my hands are no longer numb, pins/needles, only both big toes, on their outsides are numb now, no more unbearable* hot coals-like burning in my feet that had me absolutely bawling like a baby, A LOT. I don't have DAILY numb spots, on my face, back, other areas that I can't mention...etc. I DO get a numb spot here/there on my face, but, it's possibly due to the two radiation treatments I had, on the facial nerve, for Trigeminal Neuralgia, after a botched balloon compression rhizotomy (to crush the nerve, by inserting/inflating a tiny balloon)...

    RE: the incontinence, it depends some, on age, all your diagnosis, medications (as your doc said,) MS, DISC DISEASE- I have a friend, who, at the age of 40, had had MS for 15+ yrs, but, only when herniated/ruptured(?) disc, in the lumbar region, had gotten tooooo far, did she lose bowel & bladder control. She, even with MS, had the surgery-and the incontinence stopped.

    It certainly can be a whole gammut of things...

    My aunt went through terrible bouts of bladder incontinence, in her 40's, and went through "diagnosed with MS," "no, it's not" "yes it is, and u need to start on copaxone" back to "no, it's not MS" (even though her MRI lights up like a Christmas tree!!! (lesions,) She moreso fits every bit of the criteria, for LUPUS, which can also cause brain lesions, she has a HIGH ANA, and has always had a redddddd rash (malar/butterfly) rash on her face, as long as I can ever remember..

    Anyhow, for now, we know she (almost died from) a brain bleed, and still has fluid on her brain, that is monitored, sky high b/p, headaches (all related, I'd imagine, to the fluid in her brain)...and the headaches, and b/p could cause her lesions (mini-strokes...etc)

    Anyways, rambling on here....many have had these issues, I had bladder problems, and do, now and then....laughing, coughing, etc...and sometimes...I can't tell when I'm done....I lose the feeling (when bladder is very full, especially)....but, haven't had those probs for quite a while.

    We definitely have to be careful about meds, some of what I'd come acrossed on Topamax, was NOT ever* mentioned to me, I never read anything on it, etc..but, "the proof is in the pudding" I recently took 1 100mg pill of it, due to horrible nerve pain, that is NOT being cared for properly by a diff doctor---and I was up all night, in agony & tears, with THEE WORST hands & feet numbness, tingling, and the most horrible case of restless legs syndrome I've ever known.

    Not all the symptoms showed up, in the expected "first few weeks/months", I'd been on it for over 16 months, when I started getting weeks to months* long bouts of TERRIBLE appetite loss, and hair loss increased, as well. At my worst, I was choking* to eat twice a week, and very very small amounts, at that...and dropped quickly* from 127, to 113.

    I wish u the best of luck, an MRI's a piece of cake, hope your MRI is clear, but, that you DO soon find the problem, and can fix it.

    Good luck,

    Laura M.
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    I think you will find most that have had neuro symptoms have had mris to check for MS, quite a few of the cfs/Fms symptoms are the same as some MS symptoms(earlier on) dont get freaked out by it, some do show lesions and still dont have MS. I have numbness down one side of my body and it was never explained but it went away over time...good luck and let us know how you get on..if you dont like enclosed spaces take the sedative they offer you.
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    but nothing showed up apart from a "nonspecific" lesion near my spine and slight degeneration in my mid-thoracic spine (?)

    Don't worry - it was not stressful and the nurse was lovely.

    Numbness can be a part of CFS/FM so don't panic.

    But it's good they are checking just in case.

    I think I have another MRI coming up never ends and we never find anything.

    Take care.

    Love Bunchy xxx

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