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  1. clerty

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    I just wondered if any of you have had an Mri and what the results where I was reading on the fibromyalgia board about it and the use of antibiotics.
  2. Di1207

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    I had 2 MRI's of the brain.I had all the symptoms of MS.My Nuero prescribed the test. My MRI's were postive for demylation with non specific with spots. Just what I didnt want to hear, more signs of MS.I took my MRI's to the head of the MS clinic at Temple Hospital in Philadelphia and one look at them and he said " no MS, I dont know what you have but is it not MS" MY Nuero was wrong I have lymes. I hope to one day have a healthy MRI. Most of the MS symptoms have subsided. Little flare ups but thank God for what health I have.
  3. clerty

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    they where clear !!
  4. mollystwin

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    I had an MRI about 8 years ago because my dr suspected MS. She told me it was clear. I wasnt' diagnosed for lyme until Feb of this year, but I know I had it for at least 10 years. I wasn;'t on abx at the time.

  5. munch1958

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    I also have sarcoidosis which I think is linked to Lyme. My MRIs show:

    1) white matter lesions
    2) a possible 3 mm brain cyst or prominent commisure (brain space)
    3) a moderate degree of hydrocephalus
    4) prominent ventricles possibly from a lifetime of migraines
  6. Hope4Sofia

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    I've had several. They are generally normal. The last one I had was last year and it showed a few lesions but Dr said no MS. They said the lesions were probably from my severe cluster headaches.