MRI'S-what's the cost with no insurance?

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    Been reading threads on some of you having MRI'S. I've heard they are really expensive. I feel like I won't be able to get good care cause I don't have insurance. You know how that is. What is the cost

  2. and... it depends also of course* which state you live in, it varies from city, state, facililty*, everything. It is always different from place to place, as far as cost, but you should be able to get *somewhat* of an idea, / ballpark figure from responses here, *hopefully,*

    First, where are you having the MRI? (Brain, C-Spine, T-Spine, Lumbar, all three/four areas, or entire spine only, or just one area of the spine, or just neck, just brain, ?)

    I have had C spine twice, Lumbar spine twice, and brain probably 10 times,... and brain & C-spine together in one day.

    I'm thinking, brain ran me about.. ? $1,100 I did have insurance, but that was the price on the bill, before insurance paid. just a little above $1,100 I believe, with & without contrast. They took images without contrast, then pulled me out of the machine, administered gadolinium, shoved me back in for a few more.

    C-spine, I think is about the same cost, for with & without contrast, I don't know the cost, for just without contrast.

    I'm sorry, I do not know the cost for Lumbar Mri done at hospital, I did not see the bill, hubby normally gets the mail, and never tells me what the bills are, he hides em. LOL. If there's anything left over for us to pay on them, he doesn't let me see them, as he knows it stresses me out & gets me goin' again at Dr's & the insurance company(s) lol. ;-)

    I cannot remember, but I DO believe it CAN BE CHEAPER to have them done at the *hospital* rather than *imaging centers* I think years ago when I had CT scans done at an imaging center, when I had a bunch of tests ran there, (gastric emptying tests & such) their charges for CT scans, X-rays & things like that, seemed much much higher for some unknown reason, than the hospitals bills. I do not know the reason for that though. Same city & everything, and they had to be sent to the hospital to be read by same Dr's...

    Anyways... hopefully you'll get more input from more ppl, and can get several figures, and maybe get some sort of idea ? of what it might cost ya. They are indeed exspensive. Best of luck to you, ((((()))))

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    Mine were $1,800 back in 1996 and 1997. I was lucky and had insurance, but I think I had to have an authorization for both of them through the HMO.

    I'm sorry you don't have insurance. We are out of network with our family doc now and will have to pay out of pocket up to $400 deductible per person and then they will pay at 75%.

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    Keke, just because you have been reading that others here have had MRI's, that doesn't mean that you are not getting good medical care if you can't have one.

    People have them for a lot of reasons, but a lot here have had them of the neck and spine due to a lot of headaches or back problems.

    I can't have an MRI due to the fact that I have a pacemaker. But, I recently had a CT scan (cheaper than an MRI, I think!!!) of my cervical and lumbar spine, and the hospital's costs were $2,410; the radiologist who read the scans charged $514, and then the office call to get them ordered was $120. So, that's a total of $3,044. Not cheap!!

    I know you are working, but can you be considered low-income enough to qualify for Medicaid? Have you checked with your Social Services department in your town to see if you can qualify for any benefits like that?

    Hopefully, you will still get good medical care, but I am sure that the docs will bypass all expensive testing unless it is absolutely necessary.

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    handled Workers' Compensation Claims here in California. We were routinely billed $1000 to $1400 for an MRI. We only paid about $700 per the state-mandated schedule. The patients did not have to pay the balance.

    (But this was only for Workers' Compensation cases.)

    So you can see there are extremely expensive. Many people couldn't complete the test. The experience was too claustrophobic.