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  1. jane32

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    I saw in a post that you take...
    time release melatonin & valerian with lemon balm. When I looked online they are two seperate products. Do you take them both at the same time? DO you just take one?

  2. AllWXRider

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    Melatonin is a hormone developed by the pineal gland. It makes it from Serotonin, which is made from 5HTP which is from Tryptophan which is found in Cashews, turkey, bananas and dairy.

    I also remember reading that SAMe helps the pineal gland make melatonin. Also, the green, blue, violet part of our solar light spectrum turns off the melatonin, so our setting sun goes to oranges and reds to help us sleep. Avoiding florescent lighting (bluish) and using incandescent with yellow/orange shades will help.

    With the herbals, I usually rotate them as the body gets use to them in about two weeks. Chamomile, Kava Kava, Tilia, valerian, melissa, catnip (relaxing to humans, upper for cats).

    Do you get sleepy after a turkey dinner? If so, perhaps you just need some more tryptophan.
  3. mrpain

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    Yes I take them both together about one hour before I go to bed. It is time released melatonin and valerian with lemon balm. They come in separate bottles and I just take one of each at the same time...

    The doctor tried me on pamelor and a number of other meds, but I would always feel worse the next morning. I finally got off all of them to find this duo much better. I also take 2 to 3 darvocet throughout the day which may or may not have an effect....but if it does, it's in a positive way.... Of course right now due to severe sprain back, I've just been put on some other things for the back which I just started yesterday. Take care!
  4. jane32

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    Okay so there is no bad side effects to lemon balm or valerian. I thought I read that some where. Yes I am trying to get off the lunesta now..the last step in my program to get my health back.
  5. mrpain

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    No bad side effects for me but of course everyone is different... My doctor was even in favor of this combo!
  6. jane32

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    and did you say you took this with your prescription drugs?

    I am on lunesta want to wean off of it after being on it for a year but I am having a hard time. I just feel like it doesn't even work that well anymore.

    I totally forget what good sleep is like! I get 6 hrs. but I would like 8-9 uninterrupted.

    I take regular melatonin but want to try time released.
  7. mrpain

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    Yes I do take it with my meds, but keep in mind, we're probably taking different medications.

    I once took ambien, and about fifteen years ago I was on Halcion for 3 months. I slept like a baby and hardly moved all night with the Halcion, but I think that drug was banned in some countries, and the dosage if I remember correctly, was lowered in this country. When they took me off of it after 3 months, I couldn't sleep hardly any for about a week til I got used to not having it.

    But the point I'm really trying to make is that while trying to come off of lunesta, anything you take will probably seem to not work til you get straightened out by that. So while in transition, you might not know how things are going to work exactly.

    For me, once I got off of pamelor and once I went from regular melatonin to time release melatonin, along with the valerian with lemon balm that I buy right here from prohealth; I noticed a better sleep pattern. But like I said, I'm also taking 2 to 3 darvocets everyday along with relafen, fish oil, & flaxseed oil.

    I also take sometimes stormyskye's "The Shake", which seems to help also, but that's not something I remember to do regularly... And lastly, even with what I call a better sleep pattern for me, it's still not 8 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I still get up 2 to 4 times to go to the bathroom, but I fall right back to sleep most of the time...

    Of course if you read my thread about being put on prednisone, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatory drug and lorcet this past friday for a back strain, I'll probably have more sleeping problems when I come off of it all and will have to start from scratch.. But I'm still taking melatonin & valerian with all I'm taking... I wish you the best.... Take care!