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    Thanks for the suggestion to check the threads on your profile! I did just that and found loads of very helpful advice that I will use to help in my research about disability.

    It sounds like we're in the same boat and it's sinking. lol! I swear if I did'nt have a great sense of humor I would'nt be able to deal with all of these DD's, you know!!

    Getting more personal, I read your post and found we have one major thing in common! You said that you got back together with your "soulmate" after 20 years. My hubby and I got back together after 23 years and he too is the love of my life!! We have been together for 8 years and on June 15th will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary!

    I also read that your hubby does'nt understand what you're going through. I had mine read the book "Fibromyalgia For Dummies" by Roland Staud, MD and then he really "got it" and has been much more understanding since. The best part of the book for him to read is the chapter on "Helping Someone You Care About Who's Hurting" !

    I hope this helps you, Hugs, Julie
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    Bump for Mrs. Jethro

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