MRSA and Fibro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shalimac, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. shalimac

    shalimac New Member

    Has anyone had MRSA sores? My MD said that the superbug hits people with compromised immune systems...scarry. I'm finding that I'm hit with many things that don't affect my friends and family, and also that my system does'nt react favorable to meds. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    The community-acquired version of this staph is becoming more common. Even though I wondered whether my condition made me more suceptible, I really don't think so. In fact I think I am on the "up" side immunity-wise and I rarely get sick.

    I got mine from my daughter, presumably from touching her odd-looking sores before we knew what they were. She got it from a boyfriend who worked in construction and he could have contacted it any number of ways. It is not unusual for sports teams to have outbreaks...particularly football players who may skid across the same turf (causing abrasions) as an infected player.

    Mine originally manifested as what I was SURE were flea bites. When they lingered for a week...and the itching intensified (also the dog was flea-free!), I went to doctor and was diagnosed. The newer sores were sort of boil-like, and I even had a scary under-the-skin inflamation before it finally responded to Clindamycin.

    I have had a couple small outbreaks since then, but less each time and I treat them with Mupirocin cream.

    My second thought is, (I'm gonna contradict myself) MAY be more suceptible. In the early years of my condition, I seemed to catch everything. Only now, decades later I seem to be almost sick-proof.

    Best protection really is....wash hands frequently, and don't worry greatly about MRSA. Being aware of it is best because if caught early it's usually an annoying but curable (well, manageable) skin yuckiness.
  3. shalimac

    shalimac New Member

    Thanks for the info. Mine start out like flea bites, and open into deep, deep wounds that, after treatment, leave scars. I also have had MRSA stys and boils. The odd thing is that I have "Howard Hughs Syndrome"...I constanly wash my hands and avoid doorknobs, shaking hands, etc.
    Part of the concern is that I have had a post surgical (2 years)chronic open wound on my abdomen. If MRSA invades that wound I'm in big trouble. I think that my immune system is compromised due to fibro and the chronic wound.I have two new 'flea bites' on me now...geeze. I will buy some of the cream you suggested.
  4. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    You don't say whether or not you are seeing a doctor, but I HOPE you are. Having deep wounds does sound of a great concern, and if you have already been diagnosed with MRSA.......get thee more help! Mupirocin is helpful, but sounds like you may need stronger antibiotics (mupirocin is not an antibiotic). Maybe even intravenous Vanomycin.

    Also hope I didn't sound too trite about the hand-washing advice...sounds like you do a much better job than I ever did. I AM lax in that deptartment and trying to be much better.

    I wish you well.
    P.S. Mupirocin is prescription only so obviously you will have to visit Dr.
  5. shalimac

    shalimac New Member

    Your response was not taken as trite. In fact, you gave great info.
    I have seen numerous MD's for both the chronic wound and the MRSA infections. I went to the Mayo Clinic in August, and they prescribed an antibiotic which helped that particular MRSA episode, but unfortunately they reappear later. I understand that because my immune system is so compromised, it is going to take time and tennacity to heal some of these things. The fibro takes away my body's ability to heal normally, and in fact, exacerbates everything. Hoping for a fibro cure, but like everyone, will manage the disease along with the rest of you.

    Thanks again!
  6. chui

    chui New Member

    My siter has fibro. She broke her ankle and had to have surgery on it. She got hospital aqired MRSA in the surgical site. It was bad stuff. She needed to have several debidment sugeries and had to have a PIC line placed to get IV antibiotics at home for many weeks.
    It took a LONG time to get it heal and it is a ugly scar.

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