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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by turtis, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. turtis

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    Hey guys i actually have a good doctor. iwent in today becuse of a major flare is coming up and i needed to increase my duragesic from 50 mcg to 75mcg after checking myvitals he wrote the script no problem. we had a LONG talk about FMS and CFS and i bet i was in there 25 minutes. on my way out i told him of this site and some of the problems that you all have with doctors and i thanked him for being comassionate and careing and he just smiled and said that it was his job. HOW AUWSOME i live in the kansas city area if anyof you need a referral to him.


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  2. kellbear

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    After being through so many "not so great" doctors, I believe I have finally found one who will help me with my diagnosis. I guess it just takes some patience and a little determination. I am glad you found someone who cares
  3. Bellesmom

    Bellesmom New Member

    To me this seems like the impossible dream.

    I mean, as far as a medical doctor. My naturopath is wonderfully considerate. Just wish I could find and afford someone on the MD side who would be good for my SSDI claim as well. Maybe soon, huh?

    Congratulations - you struck gold!

  4. mrskbarnett

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    I live in Leavenworth, and I would be more than happy to drive to this man. I have fibro and my doc. sucks! Please...give me this mans name and addy??? I will be forever grateful to you. THank you ,.
  5. pam_d

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    Love to hear when anyone says they have actually had a GOOD doctor visit!! Good for you (and your doc)!!

    I'm in Overland Park, KS----would love a name!

    Thanks & hope your flare is manageable, feel better soon!

  6. turtis

    turtis New Member

    i aqm truly sorry for the delay .... fibro...well you know... my doctors name is Bruce Scully his address is 1509 nw Mock, Blue Springs , MO 816-229-8187
    you will love him he is a very nice man

  7. tansy

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    It gives the rest of us hope that we might too come across such an informed and compassionate doctor.

    Thanks for letting everyone know.


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  8. pam_d

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    Always good to know another great doctor in the area! Especially since I'm pretty new still to the KC area.

    Hope wherever you are in this area, you've stayed safe from the recent tornadoes. I moved here from Santa Cruz, CA to Overland Park. Traded earthquakes for tornadoes, I guess!

    Thanks again for the doctor recommendation!!