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    Howdie. Thanks to you guys for giving me precisely the information I was looking for. Very informative and compassionate.

    It is a relief (sort of) to have others re-iterate my thoughts. I have believed all along that I really don't fit in the FMS place. A quick question, if someone is able to answer this for me. What exactly is a Rheumatologist? I have started appointments with a Neurologist, whats the difference?
    As for being tested for MS, I have had an MRI done in January this year and this is where my confusion and doubts as to my sanity crept in. THERE WERE NO LESIONS!
    So, I feel a little like i'm back in never never land, but I'm sure all will be ok in the end. Thanks everyone. Debbiedoo
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    A rheumatologist is aphysician that specializes in diseases of the joints, musles and skeltal systems. Many times persons are referred to rule out disease such as Arthritis, Many people with FM also see rheumys to treat the symptoms and rule out other possible disorders. Seeing you have no lesions in your brain might be a good idea to see a rheumy about your situation. Make sure to bring in a list of your symptoms or bring a support person who may remember something you have forgotten due to fatigue, pain. keep a list from symptoms occurring most frequently to those less frequently and don't be afraid to ask questions. A neurologist specializes in disease/disorders of the brain and central nervous system such as MS, Parkisons, Epilepsy.(etc...)
    Hope this was helpful. Keep us updated.
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    Rheumatologists specialize in tendon or arithritic, or joint-related conditions -- e.g., general arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. Neurologists specialize in neurologic, or nerve (i.e., central nervous system, brain/brain stem) conditions -- e.g., seizure disorders, loss of sensation (in extremeties, other areas of the body [neuropathy]), dizziness, headaches, etc. Basically, when there's something mis-firing in the brain (that may cause these conditions), you'll see a neurologist.


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    Hello Fibro Friends, Many individuals can go under diagnosed for either condition,as well as under treated and mal treated. Question why a disease that attacks soft tissue,form "fibroblasts",cause brain chemical changes,as well as thermostatic issues wouldn't make Our impaired defense signals go B-ZURK.For myself a group of 3 DR.s monitor and ascess my health together. They are not affiliated at all they simply work by corespondense to Look at all angles to provide treatment on a cause and effect basis. I've been on the confusion roller coster (a good deal of time),Research and multiple layer questions proved to put me on a better Management program,in addition to have enough familuarity with "Warning Signs" has placed me in an Alph possition with my FMS/Probable MS. PEACE, EZ
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    Hi there. I missed your first post, but wanted to say hi from another person who has MS and FMS. I also have RA thrown into the mix. My first MRI revealed no lesions also and it actually took 2 more MRIs before a lesion showed up. I had a lumbar puncture that confirmed my MS. Feel free to e-mail me any questions.

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    I went through the ms debate as well. I was told that I had it prior to my mri, then after it showed no lesions or degeneration (thank goodness) I was sent to the neuro from hell (not all are the same). I have had no CSF tests but was assured I didn't have it. I was sent to a sports med and pain doc prior to all this and he gave me very little pills telling me they had to be helping. But now after adviseand support from these beautiful people from the board I am getting answers and help with my pain. I am a nurse who always fought for my patients with health issues but could not fight for my own. These people on this site are the best support group their could ever be.
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    The whole situation with both DD I feel is such a tough thing to deal with. I have for 3 and a 1/2 years been going from doctor to doctor with no relief of worsening symptoms and becoming more and more disabled with every flare. I have seen every type of Doctor you can think of and been referred back to some of them over and again. Finally this year I was sent to PT for severe migraines that lasted for 5 months and my symptoms with them were progressive. I spent 6 weeks with her and she monitored everything and finally sent me through a bunch of balance and coordination tests that they have. She was on the phone personally to my Neuro who I had been seeing and told him of the test finding and assured him that I needed further tests ran. She told me she believed in me and the problems I were having were real. That she would do all she could to help me get some answers, bless her heart. he was the first Neuro to ever see me back in 2000. When his office called me in to see him right away, he did a very thorough physical exam and discovered her findings to be correct. I no longer have any reflexes in my feet at all and since he treated me in 2000 I had severely worsened. I was then sent for the MRI of the brain and the T spine. I have three large spots of demyolenation on my brain. One being so large he said I would have been knocked out cold if it were a concusion, never have had any trauma to my head. He insisted it was MS and that I had to have the spinal tap to completely confirm it. However that came out normal. So, now I am being jerked around again and being sent to U of Iowa to their Neuro department for a confirmed diagnosis. It is very flustrating when I have so many of the symptoms and medical findings of MS. And yet you still get pushed from Doc to Doc.

    My opinion on these two DD is this. Maybe I am way off base but it what I believe. I believe they are pretty much the same disease. I believe that the Fibro is like the mildest case in the aspect of it not leaving behind demyolenation. However i do not mean in symptoms though. The symptoms of Fibro and MS are so shockingly simular I was amazed when I began researching it. I just think they are hand in hand diseases but one leaves damage and the other doesn't. But as others have said it takes forever for either DD to even be diagnosed on most people let alone finding someone to treat it too. I am almost to the point of being unable to walk alone and yet something has finally clicked in ones head to realize maybe this is crippling her. it is sad that we must go through all of this to just be diagnosed.
    Take care,