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    I am curious on how many of us have been diagnosed/mis-diagnosed with MS and how it impacted your view of FMS/CFIDS. Did you feel that at least MS is something that most everyone know about and it is a "label" best to deal with than FMS or CFIDS? Thanks, Bobby

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    But because of other symptoms, light sensitivity, eyesight problems, white patches or lesions that show on brain via MRI. They are now leaning toward that. I can deal with anything that is thrown my way at this point but want a definite answer. PCP said FMS and CFIDS and Rhemy said FMS and possibly sarcoidosis. And now PCP; after MRI is leaning towards MS. Just to give you a little more insight into latest diag'(s) etc... Bobby
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    the neuro doc tested me for everything. but all my tests came back negative. he said I could have the beginning of MS, however, since none of my tests came back positive, he didn't want to put me through a spinal tap.

    Well I've actually gotten better since then. I'm not in as much pain as that time, but I'll never forget it and hope and pray it never gets that bad again.

    It scared me when he said I might have it. But because I was having pain "all over" another doc said he didn't think it was MS. MS usually hits one part, then progresses from there.

    Just got the FM/CF diagnosis last year, but had the pain for years prior.

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    Hi Bobby,
    I think that an accurate diagnosis is the most important thing. More and more I'm seeing that people DX with CFIDS/FM and/or MS should definately be tested for Lyme Disease. Wish I had been much earlier (have had CFIDS 6 years, just recently DX w/Lyme.)

    So, I would urge you to get tested for Lyme. Please, if you have not already, read up on it. Find a lyme literate medical doctor (LLMD) who will test and diagnose you properly.

    Most testing is not reliable. The most reliable tests are the Igenex Western Blot and the Bowen.

    Keep in mind that Lyme is a CLINICAL diagnosis, it cannot be diagnosed by tests alone. A negative lab test does not rule out lyme. The few symptoms that you mention here could be an indication of Lyme.

    Check out lymenet dot org. It's full of info. Go to Flash Discussion, Medical, then click on Newbies for a lot of info.

    Best wishes in getting to the bottom of your illness, and finding the answers you need and deserve.

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