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    this topic seems to come up alot. i don't really have anything concrete to say except that i am in this same boat.

    it is a slippery slope trying to determine if you have one thing or another because so little is really for ceratin about all of these conditions.

    people think that alot is known about MS because of all the publicity, but MS is still a clinical diagnosis. there is no one test that can conclusively diagnose MS. some people only get an MS diagnosis once their helath really starts to deteriorate.

    also all these consitions can show problems in the spinal fluid and on MRIs.

    personally, i think it is important to cover as many bases as possible, and Lyme is a biggie....

    if you want to check for lyme, you really need to see an LLMD, a lyme literate medical doctor.

    here is a link to something called lymenet. it is a great resource for lyme info, and if you click on "flash discussion" and then "seeking a doctor" you can find an LLMD near you.

    this info is posted here quite often too, but...

    some people even think that MS and CFS have similar causes -namely a herpes viurs called HHV-6A. but there is not very much research on this virus yet. here is a link to a foundation that was just started to do research on this virus.

    i don't mean to tell people what to do, but i know that for myself i just like to have options especially having a disease where we very often have to be our own advoctes.

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    thanks for the valuable info. I need to know more about
    lyme b/c of new symptoms.

    Will check out the website.
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