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Discussion in 'multiplesclerosis' started by daylight, Jun 17, 2010.

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    For myself I'm thinking of try copaxoni (its made of amino acids) or LDN . I'll look into Ann Borach's site . I can only hope to be able to walk well again at this point. I also have RA and spinal problems that are pretty bad. But theres always hope.
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    Well I've been through all my options and decide that the risks and side effects are just to high. With my periperal neuropathy that shots would hurt like heck and I just can't do that.
    So I'll be doing vitamins ,eating well, and anything else that doesn't sound to risky.

    edited to add: 8/23/2010 Just want to retract my statement here about never doing shots. My doctors have talked me into at least trying Rebif. Will see how I handle it. Have to try something at this point my MS is progressing. I'm not going out without a fight![This Message was Edited on 08/23/2010]
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    Ask your sister if the drug is Tysabri or Novantrone.
    I've heard good about Tysabri but again the side effects are to risky for me.
    I have however had a change of heart concerning Ribif. My doctors have convinced me to try it . Still pretty scared about taking shots 3 times a week and if the side effect are terrible then I'm back to square one. I just did a steroid treatment and it helped with the swelling and pain for a few weeks but its wearing off slowly. Not going to do another treatment .

    Its wonderful to hear that your sister is doing better ,I wish her all the best . My doctor seem to have their hands full with me. Right now we are in the process of seeing how much damage is happening to my spine. Its been getting worse and they are talking about surgery (which I will never agree too). I go have an appointment next week with the doctor to discuss my spine,PT and treatments.