MS stem cell treatment SUCCESS!

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    MS victim hails stem cell treatment
    A teenager suffering from multiple sclerosis said stem cell treatment helped her walk for the first time in more than a year.

    Amanda Bryson, 19, was first diagnosed with the crippling illness five years ago. Her condition, which affects the central nervous system, got worse, forcing her to give up her college studies and to use a wheelchair.

    But just minutes after having the £12,000 treatment in a Netherlands clinic last week she said she found it easier to get out of the wheelchair, and was now able to walk with limited support.

    The woman, from Inverness, is now calling for the treatment to be introduced in Britain.

    The stem cell procedure involved taking stem cells from an umbilical cord and injecting them into the back of her neck on either side of her spine.

    "Even before I left the clinic I felt a difference - it was 10 times easier to get out of my wheelchair and it felt like I was jumping out of it," she said.

    "I thought it might just be in my own mind, but when I told the nurse, she said it was normal for people to experience it very quickly. "Since then it has been fantastic."

    The teenager found out about the clinic in Rotterdam and the treatment it offered after reading an article about someone who had benefited from it.

    She made inquiries and last Friday flew to the Netherlands with her parents and fiance David. She says now she has no set plans for the future, adding: "I just want to do my own shopping, the housework and maybe learning to drive - just the normal things."

    A spokesman for the Multiple Sclerosis Society said: "The potential for stem cell therapy to repair the damage caused in multiple sclerosis is well recognised," but added: "In view of possible risks, we believe that great caution is needed when considering any unorthodox treatment which has not been subjected to rigorous trials and review
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    If this could ever help us. Seriously if you new it could would you go and have treatment. I WOULD I take anything to get 12,000 and be rid of this.
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    Yup this is very encouraging. I would do it too in a heartbeat - live in tent if necessary!!!!!
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    Thanks for giving us some good news. Our illnesses involve the CNS and if stem cells help with MS, it's possible they might help us. If not, I believe genetic research will be helping down the road.

    Love, Mikie