MS vs. Lyme Disease

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    Do you think someone can have both MS and Lyme. Or can someone have the clinical diagnoses of MS after Lyme has resided. I think "yes". Although I tested negative after my last lyme blood test because of oral and IV completed treatments, I don't believe in the validity of the test. I do have all the symptoms of MS which are also the same as Lyme. My vision is getting more affected along with numbing and tingling and shooting pain in buttox and legs. My legs give out often, all symptoms of MS. Last year MRI didn't reveal anything on the brain, ANA TEST was positive and I have irritation in my spine and numbness in the mid back, plus itching which is another symptom of MS.

    I don't trust this doctor, however, because after I insisted I was ill in a letter to him, he finally called me at home. He was going to wash his hands of me because he denied that it was MS, here he referred me to Infec. Disease Dr. and she tested me for Lyme and I was positive.

    I don't know who to trust anymore, I just do a lot of research before opening my mouth to these doctors.

    I will mention, about 25 years ago I did go to Cleveland Clinic-MS center and the head doctor did report that I was consistant of MS complications and to keep a watch for it and return for further evaluation if needed which I then went to the neuro doctor again to no avail. Three times I've tested with this neuro dr and I believe it's time to locate another one!!

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    I think it is certainly possible to have MS and Lyme...anything is possible.

    It is just my opinion though, that autoimmune diseases are caused by chronic infection. So it is also possible that your MS symptoms are really caused by Lyme or another infection such as Bartonella.

    I have read articles about people whose MS symptoms were caused by Bartonella and got well after treating agressively for it.

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    There are some overlapping symptoms and both conditions are often misdiagnosed. Therefore, it's a good idea to treat both under a doc's or docs' supervision. A good doc knows that we often have more than one condition. So many docs don't even believe in Lyme or are so egotistically invested in one diagnosis or another that it's hard to get adequate care. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie