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    I have been wondering when you would post. I hope everything is all right.

    Are you still on the weight watchers online? I am thinking of joining either online or the meetings and would like to hear how you are doing.

    Welcome back,

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  3. gapsych

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    I lost 26 pounds since joining 3 months ago. I had to leave the online group due to lack of finances to renew my membership. I have 20 pounds to go but once you are on it for 3 months you pretty much figure out what portions you can have anyway.

    I did the points program since you can eat ANYTHING as long as you count points. I could not do CORE I would be bored to no end and wind up eating more.

    Keep in touch....

    I have not been here much, I just have had a lot of pain and some other med problems. Nothing too serious just the usual, but cold weather has put me down a bit.

    Thanks for asking.
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    Twenty six pounds is wonderful. I am having problems with lack of finances also but good to hear that once you catch on you can continue on your own.

    From what I have read, I think I would prefer points. I do know someone who is doing the core and has lost about 25 pounds in four months.

    Can you exercise? That is a biggie that contributes my weight. I want to go back to warm water therapy but to do both may be too much. Maybe a holiday present?

    Glad you are back on the board but sorry about the med. problems.

    Take care.
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    Not with my arthritis and FM, no I cannot exercise now. I'll be back from time to time here. I just get sidetracked at times too.