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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherrieTeacup, May 19, 2009.

  1. SherrieTeacup

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    The doctor just put me on this med to anyone thats on it can you tell how do you deal with the consipation. I have tryed miralax ,prunes, all brand ,lots of water. How can you stay on the Ms Contin if you can,t have a bowel movement. Its going on a week. Help!!!!
  2. satchya

    satchya New Member

    For occasional quick relief (heh, I sound like the side of a box), you can try an enema. If you're squeamish, just think really hard about the relief you'll have when it's all over. When I was 12 my grandma put me on an all protein 500 calorie a day weight loss plan (I know, I know) because I had some puppy fat she thought I should get rid of (my parents had left me with her for the week for the first vacation without kids of their marriage--that'll teach em, huh?) Anyway, thanks to that diet I ended up going for several weeks without a bowel movement. When my parents found out it was enema time. TMI I know. But I will always remember the almost instant relief.

    You can buy them in the pharmacy section of almost any grocery store for a couple of bucks.
  3. campbeck97

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    Hi SherrieTeacup, I saw your post and understand where your coming from! I have been on morphine IR and Morphine ER and also MSContin for about 8yrs so know all about the severe constipation/ and impactions that they can cause. I to tried the miralax which made me so much worse, drink tons of water , incrase in fiber fruit veggies etc....but no help. I have tried about every laxative and stool softener on the market the good news I have been using the equate brand at walmart for correctol(Biacodyl 5 mg.) it is a stimulant laxative but it works!!!! I usally take two or three tablets every night and it doesnt give me loose stools just normal. My Dr. said I could take daily and several times daily if needed. Narcotic drugs just completely shut down my bowels it seems but I need them for pain control. On occasion I will miss 1 day having a bowel movement taking the doses as above but most times I go daily now. Like I said above this is the only thing that has helped me after years of the trying different regimens. I hope you find something that helps you as the constipation is so miserable on top of the pain issues you already have. God Bless Hope Ive helped in some small way.
  4. DemonFairy

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    Your doctor can get your prescription meds that can help with the problem, too. Or, you can check to see if you can get into a clinical trial for Relistor. One injection, and whoooosh, it's taken care of within 20 minutes. I wish I could give you one of my doses to try, but talk to your doctor and see if you can get samples or something.

    Otherwise, eat fiber, fiber, fiber, fiber. Most of the time, I don't need the help of the meds, but I eat lots of cereal w/ fiber (I actually like Frosted Mini Wheats w/o milk, as a snack), granola bars w/ extra fiber, fruit snacks w/ extra fiber. You get the point. My opioid dose is pretty high, so if I don't keep on top of the fiber, the Relistor saves me from, well, what we all know is as scary & painful as hell. Ugh. Until a couple of years ago, I had NO idea. Awful.
  5. Didders

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    Hey kiddo...

    Well, you've heard all the good pills, liquids, etc., advice so you might try this, too. Take it you're a fibro and riddled with trigger points. We have a fun one on the lower left of the tummy, about 2-3" in from the hip bone. Your bowel gets clogged there. Lay down, find your spot, press with cupped fingers and pull up and out (or try small, deep circles). You're trying to loosen the bowel from the TrP. Takes a little practice but trust me, it will eventually release the TrP and some gas; a little later, you'll go. You can also use this on the commode when things aren't, uh, moving along when it feels they should. Bend forward as you're pulling or making small circles.

    Also, the intestines move clock-wise. Massage your tummy in ever smaller circles and put some heat on it. Got all this from my sainted PT. Added to the other great advice above, this could put you over the edge, as it were. Man, I remember my mom and her friends talking endlessly about their bowels. Ick!!!!!!!!! But now...One of the top 3 subjects! And great for a good laugh...after you've gone, that is. LOL! Anyway, good luck and post if this works.

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