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    Hope I am not being to personal but just read your post about starting a small dose of estrogen. I replied as I am curious as I haven't felt well since I stopped my estrogen about ten years ago. After stopping the estrogen seems that is when the CFS started . I tried them after cfs and couldn't tell they helped, maybe I didn't give them enough time.

    I do think hormones play a big role in the way we feel.


  2. greatgran

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    Bumping, in case you missed this.. Hugs, gg
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    So far so good. I've started back on estrogen in the past and couldn't see that much difference. This time I think I do. It's only been a bit over a week, but I'm sleeping better and am not as emotional. Also, the mornings seem a bit easier. I didn't crawl back into bed the last three days, and today I feel up to going to my writing group.

    I, too, can date the first onset of CFS to discontinuing estrogen. At least, I think so. It's been so long. :) I've read a lot about estrogen and elderly women, sticking to 2008 articles, and have found some hopeful information. That's what made me decide to try again with just a bit. I'm using half of the lowest dose patch possible. These patches don't have a "bubble" so I can cut them. I'll probably start a full dose in a few more days, but I am so darned reactive to medication, I wanted to take it easy. The dose of my patch is .025 mg, so at half a patch, I'm using very little.

    A few days ago I listened to a doctor on a Canadian talk show. She said that 80% of women can get by just fine with a bit of soy or black cohosh or nothing at all; however, 20% need the real thing. Since the adrenals are one main source of estrogen after menopause, and since my adrenals are shot, it makes sense I would be in the 20%.<BR

    All I know is that I think I'm doing better. Thinking is clearer, anxiety is down, emotions are more stable, and energy is up a bit. For me, it's definitely worth a solid try. Hugs, MsE
    PS. I change the 1/2 patch once during the week. It is a bioidentical estradiol.
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    Maybe when I go back the doc he will let me try my patch again. I was on the .025 mg by the name of Clamara (sp) it was the estradiol and I changed once a week and loved it. Anything is worth a try, please keep me posted.

    I am going to try the L-Trytophan and the theanine if I can find them.

    Hope something helps ..I have made about 6 trips today delivering and picking up granddaughters and greatgrans , still have the 4 yr old with me. I hate to sound cruel but this is getting on my nerves big time.

    Hope you had a good day with your writing group.

    God Bless,
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    Greatgran, I definitely, DEFINITELY feel better than I have in months. I think it is the estradiol (Vivelle Dot). I climbed a flight of stairs at the senior center without even thinking about resting and was not a bit short of breath. I feel GOOD. Maybe it's a fluke, but I'm hoping. Will keep you posted. Hugs, MsE
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    Greatgran, this morning I was able to do a bit of hula dancing! Haven't been able to do that for years and years. My legs and hips are moving more naturally and easily. I hadn't realized how jerkily I was walking. My skin is softer. Anxiety is waaaaaaay down. I am praying this isn't a temporary reprieve, am still a bit suspicious. However, it looks like I'm onto something. Let us know if you decide to give this a try. Hugs, MsE
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