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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DVoit, Nov 16, 2008.

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    I hope you answer this. Where and how did you get lung worms? I really want to know this. Also, who will test me. I am in the US. Thank you for your answer.
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    Sorry I have no idea how I caught cryptostrongylus pulmoni, microscopic nematode worms, but they may have arrived with the tick bite that gave me Lyme (which I don't remember ). The worms apparently have evolved from Asian tree shrew worms and are thought to have started affecting humans in the 1980s. They live symbiotically with borrelia as they suppress the immune system.

    As far as I can make out (from reading about goats!), lung worms live in the gut, but the larva drill through the gut wall & travel in the blood stream to the lungs where they are coughed up and swallowed. Ivermectin has treated mine & I'm now on a maintenance course of one a month.

    Dr Klapow an Dr Hildegarde Staninger are the only doctors in the US who I know recognises these things. My diagnosis was made by live blood microscope using a very powerful dark field microscope; I live in the UK.

    What we all need is a veterinary, as doctors who treat humans seem useless!

    It makes me very worried that nematode worms are now sold to treat slugs and snails in our gardens.

    I have now been found to have micro-cocci on my red blood cells in addition to the Lyme.I'd love to give the psychiatric profession here in the UK some of my blood so they can show us all how to overcome these things with positive thinking and exercise.

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