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    You wrote:
    "...As I am currently fighting with something on the right side of my head. I think, I know it sounds funny..but I think the muscle just above my right ear to my temple feels like it is too tight. This followed about five days of a migraine. "

    This does not sound funny at all. The muscle attaching to the jaw, right in front of the ear is one of the strongest muscles in the body, and that joint just in front of the ear, the temporo-mandibular joint[sp?] is an important joint in which problems can cause headaches and jaw pain, etc.

    Some people develop TMJ problems and have them treated by chiropractor or otherwise. I had TMJ problems for a while, but finally after 2 years they resolved themselves. I can now open my mouth a little wider, maybe enough for a thick sandwich, and I can brush my teeth - on the rare occasion I couldn't open my mouth enough.

    So, perhaps a TMJ problem is contributing to your migraines.

    Jen F
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    Just found your message this morning..thank you. What a sweetie you are for thinking of me and sharing your knowledge. I think you may be on to something there..ya know that muscle can tense and pull just about faster than anything I ever saw!

    I think I will read up on TMJ. It has eased up considerably the last two days..I hope it stays quiet for a bit. Seems like the head (with the migraines and TMJ symptoms) come for a while and then..Praise to God..they disappear for weeks or maybe months at a time. Just curious if you or others experience this too.

    Thanks again Jen. This was VERY thoughtful of you. Have a great weekend! Sherry
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    I hope you can find some helpful info for your migraines.

    I don't get migraines [thank the lord], but i did have pain and clicking with my TMJm but I think TMJ does cause a lot of people problems. Some therapists massage that area in avery helpful way.

    Thanks for replying and I'll see ya on the board! :)