MSG Sensitivity Prevents Woman from joining Armed Services

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    Was doing some sleuthing for woofmom and her whey/MSG quesiton and came across this. Interesting huh?

    she was told she could not join the Army, or any other branch of the military

    Date: 6/25/2002 5:10:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

    I want to share this experience with you, and if you wish, in turn you may share it with others who suffer from MSG intolerance. During the 7 or so years that my daughter and I have experienced the intolerance to MSG, your site has been a wealth of information and so much help in guiding us so we could avoide the "hidden" traps in foods. Today, MSG has taken a terrible toll on our family. My daughter who is bright, intelligent and lovely, had made a committment to join the Army, both as an opportunity to continue her education and possibly to be able to travel to Europe. She was up every moring, walking 2 miles at 5:30 a.m., doing her push-up, sit-ups and other exercises, working on loosing the few pounds she needed to loose and looking forward to her new career. Then the bad news came, the military uses packaged, processed foods, loaded with chemicals, including MSG, BHT/BHA and the rest of the nasty little names. After a discussion with her recruiter and an assessment of the effects she suffers from ingesting these chemicals, she was told she could not join the Army, or any other branch of the military. I sit here this evening, watching my once bright and happy daughter fight her way through depression, knowing there's not a d--n thing I can do, knowing there's nothing that will counteract this savage little beast. So what now? That's the next question we have to answer. Thanks to greedy food processing companies, lives are shattered, but as angry as I am, I know that our lives mean nothing to them, only the almighty dollar matters. This has made my resolve even stronger to fight this, amybe my one little contribution won't create a tidal wave, but even if I can get one other human being to realize how destructive this garbage is, at least it will be a start. Thanks for listening.


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    Thanks!!!!!! I think my health problems are related to msg. I had aspartame poisoning 2 years ago and avoid it entirely. The two seem to be pretty much different versions the same poison. I'm going to avoid msg completely for a couple of weeks. Then I'm going to eat some campbell's mushroom soup (only a little) and see what happens. I think my MCS symptoms might be caused by MSG. If this is true, I may not have "true" MCS. It's a lot easier to avoid these two poisons than it is to avoid everything.

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