MSM for FM pain, besides arthritis ??/Jam et al what do you think ??

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    JAM and OTHERS,
    I have been hearing about MSM and I know that JAM takes it for her arthritis I think. How much do you take and is it just for arthritis? I read someplace where it is sometimes helpful for people with FM. I also have OA in my neck especially and lots of FM pain in back, shoulders etc. etc.

    How much do you all take and has it been helpful and for what? I have been toying with buying some but not sure whether to get some just plain or mixed with other things. What are the strengths and how often do you take it? Love to hear from anyone using it.

    Where is the Alternative Therapies on the new site? I don't think I have seen it or maybe I whizzed by it - duh !! Waiting to hear before I decide to order.

    Blessings and soft hugz to awl,
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    I also take MSM for arthritis and pain reduction. I probably don't take as much as I should, but sometimes with the cost of things.... Well, you know how that can be. I take 1000 mgs daily. It has helped, along with the other things I take.

    I take it plain with nothing else added in it.
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    Thank you Stick. That is probably what I am going to do but wanted to get some feedback from others.​