msm-hey slayadragon or others on sulphur

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    seems like you posted tht sulphur was contraindidcated with something but I forget what, the simplified??
    anyway, do you think msm ok?
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    of msm?
    any reason to limit sulphur stuff and does this qualify?
    I am ignorant when it comes to chemistry.....
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    In general, sulfur appears to be a good thing with regard to detoxification. However, for some people, increasing sulfur leads to headaches and other bad feelings.

    The solution to this is generally to supplement with molybdenum, a mineral. This is not generally available in health food stores, but can be purchased on the Internet.

    I think that molybdenum actually help to neutralize sulfur, though I'm not sure of that. Rich van K would have written about that. The Yasko-oriented folks here (such as Delia) would be able to tell you offhand too.

    Merely increasing methylation through the use of activated folate, B12, etc. serves to increase sulfur for many people.

    Other supplements that increase detoxification have some in them too. These include MSM, NAC and ALA.

    Some (woofmom used to talk about this) say that molybdenum and certain other minerals (such as manganese) are good for CFS sufferers to supplement in general.

    Regardless of whether you believe that, I would advise having a bottle of molybdenum around before starting the methylation support or taking any sulfur-containing substances. I lost a whole day once as a result of taking ALA and not having any moly around. A day is a short time in the scheme of things, but if I'm going to feel bad I want it to feel like it's progress toward a specific goal.
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    from highest concentrated to least are as follows:

    Cauliflower 11,800 ppm
    Horseradish (root) 10,000 ppm
    Cabbage (red or white) 8,750 ppm
    Spinach 5,700 ppm
    Cucumber 5,250 ppm
    Turnip 5,100 ppm
    Cashew 4,800 ppm
    Onion (shallot) 4,075 ppm

    Pick your poison and have at it... My vote goes for cabbage. There's MANY great things in cabbage.

    Eat raw for best results.