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  1. monkirei

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    I have been taking MSM for almost 2 wks. I am more wakeful at night and my fibro pain alternately fades and comes roaring back. This goes on and off around the clock. Im up to what I read was the max...20 grams a day. Am I detoxing too fast? Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. herblady

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    MSM is actually for joint problems, mostly arthritis, i don't think it's effective with fm, is that what you have? you might get more relief with turmeric, olive leaf, sea cucumber, or with a heating pad or mineral bath. msm won't hurt you any unless you're allergic. it's harmless, you can't even o.d. on it. cindi
  3. ksp56

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    Employee's at my health food store told me MSM sometimes reduces the pain for muscle cramping and soreness. I have bad leg cramps. In a supplement book, they also said it was beneficial for Fibro, but takes some time to build up. I too have noticed that I have even more problems sleeping if I take it too close to bed. I also think, slowly but surely, it is helping some.

    Hope this helps!