MSM, this supplement really works, worth a try!!!!

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  1. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    I have been so burned out from trying sooooooooooo many different kinds of supplements, drugs, therapies, etc. to help with my FM, I was ready to really give up until I came up with a really good combination for me, this took me 20 years and probably thousands of dollars later, but I am getting better. MSM has been the most promising supplement for me as to date.

    I take:

    CoQ10 150 mg's in the morning (my CoQ10 also contains B12 and 250 mg's of vitamic C)
    Omega 3 oils, 1000 mg's in the morning
    MSM 400 mg in the afternoon, and again in the early evening, total so far 800 mg's per day
    10 billion units of a probiotic before bedtime
    300 mg's of Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate mix two hours before bed ( I sleep better with this)

    I started eating apples, yogurt and blueberries instead of junky foods for my snacks and I drink a lot of water.

    So far, this regimen has really helped me that I am now able to exercise on my bike for 15 minutes a day, although the exercise can still be challenging, I wouldn't have dreamed of going on it even a year ago.

    MSM, and Magnesium I believe are the real winners in this combination for me. MSM is sulfur and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Even though I have heard many times before that FM is not an inflammatory condition, I disagree. I constantly feel inflammed from my head to my toes, but taking the MSM and magnesium has helped so much, I just couldn't believe it.

    I was taking Vitamin D, but really wasn't noticing any benefit from it, I may still add it because of lack of sun exposure, but it wasn't a "feel the difference" product for me.

    Of course with FM, there hasn't been anything to make me 100 percent (don't we wish) better, but I have a demanding job, and this supplment cocktail has improbed me over 50%, maybe more. Just wanted to share with you. Hugs, Chelz.
  2. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I am really and truly happy for those who can take MSM......I just want people to know that there are some of us with ME/CFS (haven't heard of any with FM with this reaction, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any) who cannot tolerate it at all

    I know that is the case with most things (meds or alt) - some can take them and some can't....the reason I want to caution people though is that MSM is one substance that I had only read good stuff about before trying it (and I did read quite a bit before I tried it)....then after starting it, I began getting extremely dizzy and having some other weird reactions to it....I started with a small amt and it was making a huge difference in pain, and I hadn't read of any bad reactions, so it took me awhile to realize that it was the MSM

    after figuring it out, though, I also found out that quite a few others have had problems with it, too

    anyway, I don't want to discourage people from trying it, but to let you know that if you do take it and have any new symptoms, it could very well be from the MSM (that is esp true if you also have a sensitivity to sulfur)
  3. SnooZQ

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    People vary a great deal in their ability to oxidize sulfur into the usable sulfate form.

    In the autism community, sulfur intolerance is not uncommon. And many of these same kids suffer from a deficit of sulfate, which is important in so many detox & other biochemical reactions in the body.

    My young adult son, who is on the spectrum, is quite sulfur-intolerant, however he does tolerate taking in modest amounts of sulfur each day via foodstuffs, garlic & onion cooked. I guess he is lucky that way -- some kids on the spectrum have to avoid sulfur foods & can't even tolerate a weak MSM soak or topical cream.

    I can take up to -- but no more than -- 500 mg. total MSM per day, divided doses. Excess sulfur unconverted to sulfate usually for me results in sulfur poops -- think lit match.

    My understanding is that for some PWCFS the sulfur may convert to sulfide as H2S, bad stuff, neurotoxic.

    One observation I've had is that both my son & I have seen some increase in our sulfur tolerance since adding a little (200 mcg/day) FolinIC acid (5-MTHF) form of folate. I did not tolerate the simplified methylation protocol, however I've found that this one supp for us, is a keeper. Note, I do not have CFS -- I have FM, which is extremely mild at present.

    I'm curious whether you tried the methylation supps at all, & whether they made any difference for you?
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  4. Ales

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    MSM (dimethylsulfon) would probably increase the concentration of H2S in the body, the putative main causal culprit in CFS at least according to Dr. Kenny De Meirleir. I wonder if other sulfur containing compounds like modafinil could have similar effect.
  5. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks for the response.....I have not yet tried the methylation supps as a grp....have been wanting to do so and have been on a few of them for a long time (before I knew about the whole methylation theory)....the thing is that I started with a new Dr back in May and though he is not against doing it, he isn't really for it either.....and I cannot afford the testing (but as I am reasonably sure that I do have the whole cycle block, etc that Rich describes so well, and as the supps are relatively safe, I am not all that worried about verifying with the blood tests)

    I am also not that concerned about my Drs response either, but since I have been seeing him, he has wanted me to try some other things and I thought I would do one thing at a I will probably wind up trying the methylation protocol at some point fairly soon would be really nice if being able to take MSM turns out to be a result of that, bc I do know that when I tried the MSM it helped tremendously with pain (and as i write this I am in a TON of pain)
  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    thanks.....and yes, you're rt, the H2S result is very likely why it is not tolerated by some of us

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