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    i just recieved my MSM in powder form, it says to take one half teaspoon in water or juice.this seems like a small amount, i think i read that Jamin uses msm. also i mixed some in aloe vera cream to rub it on my sore spots hoping for some pain relief.
    can anyone tell me thier expirence with this supplement?? thanks, Kat
  2. kat0465

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    thanks Jam,
    i will take it slow, as i am also starting organic apple cider vinegar, and aloe juice. started with the vinegar hoping it will help the constipation and pain, then the aloe for my contrary colon, and hopefully the msm for more pain relief. I'm already taking GE for about 6 months now, but only 100 mg, i think ill be upping that to 200, it seems to be helping.
    i am just trying to get around all the hard core meds and narcotics,i am on tramadol, but trying not to go to anything more.
    i even mixed some msm in some aloe gel to try it topically, have you tried this?? and if so did you get some relief??thanks, Kat
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    Boy, you have a good dose of everything you poor gal, and at thins time of year its no picnic!!
    where do you find your DMSO?? i have tried looking it up on some supplement sites but have found nothing, seems like it used to be in the feed stores where i live at, i may try & look there again, you'd be surprised what you can find in a feed store.. like liquid b12 for really cheap and its the same as human grade.feel better{{HUgs}} Kat
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    You can also use MSM in hot water as a bath or soak. The less water you use, the less MSM you will need. So, a container soak for a hand or foot -- use about 1 TBspn in hot, pure water -- distilled or reverse osmosis water. You don't want to use chlorinated, fluoridated city tap water.

    I have done this a number of times to good effect for arthritis & tendonitis pain. It's a good way to use MSM for those who have sulfur sensitivity when taken internally.

    When putting MSM into a cream, I highly recommend adding a drop or two of the DMSO, as jam has recommended. DMSO is a great solvent & it will help the MSM penetrate deeply into your tissues. In addition, the DMSO has pain relieving properties. MSM is made from DMSO ... is it vice-versa ... anyway, the 2 are chemical cousins.

    Best wishes.

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