MSN has article on CFS - Maybe response from Bios???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellbear, May 6, 2003.

  1. kellbear

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    don't know if ya'll have seen it but go to MSN there is an article on CFS although I was not impressed. The same ol' blah blah blah that we have all read a thousand times about these DD's. Didnt know if this was a response to Jelly's bios or not.
  2. kellbear

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    Is the same article they posted back in 2001. No revisions. I just think even the way that news places words it sounds so clinical. I could think of other ways to word it and still get my point acrossed about how horrible these DDs are.
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    SAME as 2001. Please contact us and get updated info. We could give them web address but not written as an address. For docs and research and articals. Don't forget 5-12 is FMS/CFS awareness to! Order the free ( up to 99 at a time from here) then we can plaster them all over, every where we all go. We do it all the time and there is no limir on how often you order these. To order go to the top topic and ask for the giudes you'll get them in a couple days or so.

    Thanks to everone who does for themselves and others. Kim and Gary
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    All I am saying is that it is the same article that I have printed out it says 2001 at the bottom. There are some updated and I think that it is good they printed it again but it would have been nice to see some revisions. There are a lot of passionate people on here and it would be nice to see some passionate writing, doctors, journalists, etc... who did more than give the clinical truths about CFS and FM.

    I will take this more than not having nothing at all, but it just makes me feel once again, that people really do not care about our illnesses and just do the "bare minimum" to keep us happy and our mouths shut