MSNBC - discussed me/cfs and xmrv

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    Dr. Nancy did a segment on the new study. She described the symptoms of CFS and then had a patient from Indiana. She asked her what she felt about the new research with the retrovirus and her mike wasn't working so she didn't get to speak.

    Dr. Nancy then went to Dr. Mikovits and interviewed her. She explained the study found 67% of patients with the virus and was being confirmed with 300 other people.

    Dr. Nancy asked if this research was scrutinized and her response was yes, that WPI, NCI and
    Cleveland Clinic were all involved. She says there will be more studies to confirm.

    She said there are as many as 10 million people infected and they needed to find where they are in the community and that they were working on developing therapies.

    It was short, but it's a beginning.

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    I was wondering what was said, I wonder has cnn or fox anyone said anything yet?
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    Here's a good news clip
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    and thank you tea for the video link and thank you lum for uploading it.

    It's exciting but we do need to do a massive education campaign though, those newsmakers keep saying "chronic fatigue" instead of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome".

    Judy Mikovits is our heroine!! and she just said what we've been speculating for decades.

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    :) fAY
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