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    I noticed on the wheat alcohol post mssusan said she has an issues with wheat. Please tell me the diet you follow because I believe this is a major factot for me. I am allergic to wheat, oat and barley. Makes it difficult to live. Any other suggestions from people would be appreciated.

    Thanks much
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    is not really as hard as it at first seems. there are a lot of gluten-free goods now in health food stores. i used corn tortillas instead of toast at breakfast for a while (now i'm on carb-free/low-carb diet).

    there are thickening agents (arrowroot, rice/potatoe flour, kudzu (health food stores have these) for sauces and gravies.

    there's a store in my city that has gluten-free cookies, scones, muffins, cakes, and on and on. also there's gluten-free pasta.

    once you start exploring, i think you'll find it's all out there. maybe you'll discover it's a great help to you to be off the wheat. be careful about hidden wheat in things- like soy sauce (there is a wheat-free variety). read lables carefully. best to you- sascha