MTHFR and Methylation

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  1. therron

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    I have two mutations, MTHFR 1298AC and MTHFR 677CT, along with candida biofilm. I am an undermethylator with frequently elevated histamine. Health issues started with intestinal inflammation and food sensitivities, progressing to complete carbohydrate intolerance, fatigue, muscle weakness, and more.
    I have tried many methylation protocols, but each one just jams up my liver, including methyl B12 injections, 5MTHF, cal/mag/zinc, milk thistle, ALA, TMG, methionine, glutamine, and more. Coffee enemas and saunas give some relief, but I am not progressing in my body's ability to conduct Phase I or Phase II detoxification, nor the ability to eat a wider diet (strictly meat and veggies right now).
    I have not yet tried Simplified Protocol as listed by Rich, but I believe that it is my next step. I'm working with a very new DAN doctor whose son has the same genetic mutations as I do, but unlike his son, I have not responded.
    I would love guidance in trying the Simplified Protocol, especially since I have always reacted to even reduced dosages of supplements.
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    Having done Rich's simplified protocol off and on for quite awhile, my only advice is to go VERY slowly. His protocol hit me pretty hard when I first started. The recommended dose for a couple of the supplements is a quarter of a tab but I reacted even to that.

    So I suggest trying 1/2 of the recommended doses, and trying it every other day, to see what you can tolerate.

    I don't have your sensitivities - I have no problem with cal/mag/zinc, methyl B12, or milk thistle. But I did initally react pretty strongly to ALA although now I tolerate it better, with mild detox symptoms.

    Recently I started taking l-glutathione. I know it's not supposed to be that effective but I reacted pretty strongly to it, detoxing. Then I got the bright idea to take it at night, hoping to have the worst of it over by the morning, and that seemed to help. Anyways, now I'm taking 500 mg. of l-glutathione before bed without problems.

    I'm gingerly restarting the methylation protocol, but am going out of town next week to see my family so after a tentative restart am holding off again until I return. But I did do one day without problem (I started the protocol over three years ago).

    I have no idea if I have any genetic mutations as you do, and don't know how to advise you in that regard.

    Maybe if you address your query directly to Rich, he may have more info for you. He did post recently that he was not that available for awhile but you may get a response.

    Best wishes,

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    Yeast overgrowth in the colon can punch holes in the villa of the intestines. This overloads the liver and compromises Phase I and Phase II detoxification.

    Treat for yeast continuously and detox the liver.

    Sandra Cabot MD is a great resource:
  4. therron

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    I gave my doctor copies of The Methyl Cycle Genomics work up on the following site:
    He took it very seriously and studied the information before my appointment. He is finally putting the pieces together of the tricks that my body can give. He is connecting my gut and brain, and realizing that I must begin VERY slowly to add supplements. He is going to look into having a compounding pharmacy make drops or lotion so that I can regulate the specific amount of supplements that I take daily. In the meantime, I'm trying to cut crumbs off of my tablets in order to go easy on my liver, etc. Thanks for replying. I'll keep you posted.

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