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  1. Natahsha

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    I am bed-ridden with severe me/cfs. Have been doing rich van K's meth protocol abt 9 mths. Now newly diagnosed with homozygous C677t. I have read that (with this gene mutation) i should avoid folic acid because it blocks uptake of methylfolate. But the neurological health formula i take as part of protocol contains folic acid.
    1) Should i stop taking it?
    2) How important is it to stop ingesting folic acid?
    3) It seems x difficult to find a multivit without folic acid!
  2. misskoji

    misskoji Member

    I'm so sorry you suffer so much.

    Rich VanK is awesome, and he does post here and answers questions directly when he has time/sees them.

    You may want to try posting to him at our FM/CFS board here:

    I hope you find answers and relief soon.


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