Multiple attacks- I survived

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    I thank God for this board and the loving advise I get.
    I know many have suggested therapy, but what happened instead was a strong draw to a Church in my town , that I went to a couple weeks back (it wasn't there )and they grew so much they are temporarily at the High scool .

    Father just gave me a new Dr, and I didnt think I could ever appriciate a doc like the one I had , but my new one is a Christian that told me the church had moved , as he saw the Purpose Driven Life" book in my hand. He goes there and I am very excited about what God is going to do in my life there and Bobs conserning giving and recieving .. I think in the body of Christ , if we are doing our part none should need a therapist.( I am speaking in general as I wasn't suisidal or anything , just overwhelmed) We need fellowship and God and open honest relationships as James says , confessing your faults (and weaknesses) to each other that you may be healed . Esteeming each other above ourselves and loving one another with a pure heart fervently.

    What I found from Christians I've known in my past and new ones I have met in different churches(especially one )in my town is they are hypiciticle , they dont care about your pain ,(emotional) they dont stop by for a visit or answer your e mails,or call you.
    Certain Christians from my past , the ministtry went bad , and they cant get past their personal losses so have walked away from reaching out and being there for anybody. . Believers who knew my son that died , that I have known since 1980. I was greatly saddend to see how satan has gotten victory. I asked for a phone call or a visit and I was in great mourning over my son and they said they were too busy to come or call and were just into living their lives now. My question is , weren't they doing what they were doing for God in the first place and not man? .

    And what saddened me most is the Christians in my past church that hug and kiss you when you walk in the door anduring hug break time , yet they are not there for you any other time. That is religion , satans greatest trick.

    I recognize one thing. I will publish my testamony as a multiple healed with very little therapy , but through obedience to the word,( forgivness) but I question that I can truly impact the lives of others without support from the body of Christ. I know no man is an island and that we need each other to edify and to minister healing and to encourage ech other . We need to be praying for each other . I have met Christian friends from other sites where you are aloud to give out your email and build relationships with other people , and I wish I could make personal friends with other Christians on this site.
    Satan basicly has bombarded me which is his style, with the death of my son , healing of MPD finalized finally( lost 21 personalities that ran my life qite well. My first recognition was that I was alone , as Chris Siezmore(3 faces of Evesaid) , then immediatly having to come off effexor (the drug from hell)(that took 5 months.

    I also just lost the rights to visit one sons only child my 3 year old grandson , because the mother is evil , and she called last week and said don't call or come over ever again. The letter i wrote instegated the ability for my son to now have visitation,which was the most important. but still very saddening that he is now out of my life. My son who went to live with his father at 14 , well he picks very evil women , as he and his father fist fought alot. The woman he is with now has lied on me , I don't even know what I did wrong but she has totally destroyed my relatuionship with my middle son and now I feel like I have had 2 sons die. She is very sick and possesive. Thats the kind of women he picks.

    What I do have is a healed marriage through all this and my youngest son adores me. (And is giving me two grandaughters to go with his two sons, who I love dearly. I have a secure home thats just a trailor , but I love it and my husband just got hired on to a union job and loves his job for the first time . I have a doc who helps me to cope with my pain and my thankful list could go on and on, but there is still the bombardment of losses and my belief in the fact that God works all things togther for good

    My desire would be to ask if you will remember me ,Jubi, in your prayers and my work in the Lord which will be written as a non Christian . I believe a non Christian book of poems describing Gods iterventions and the many miricles I have been piiveledged to walk in. I will use my healing to glorify God and minister healing to others.

    I have by no means arrived and have many memories to relive yet in Gods time , and going publick with anything scares the heck out of me. I am willing to give up my privacy to help others , as I believe I am a living epistle, and those who suffer with him will also be glorified with Him. I only pray I serve him well.

    I need prayer also conserning my new relationship with God as a non multiple , and in many ways I feel like I am starting over conserning the fruit of the spirit being manifested in my life. Somehow , may God bring glory out of my life , and all I;ve been through. Just let me help even just one person God and increase their relationship in you Lord. This is my prayer. Use me Lord. Don;t let all the hell I've been through and overcome be a waste. Oh please God , this is my prayer.

    I guess I just needed to talk this morning , and to talk about God and the desires he's put in my heart. Thanks for taking the time to read this, as I know its long . Just being able to share it lifted me and strengthened me , and helped me get clear on some things. Love ya Jubi
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    I am so sorry you were by the church not supporting you, but it sounds like you might of found a new one. I am having my own trails right now, and my church is very supportive along with my Christian friends, guess I am blessed that way.

    Satan is messing with me too, but I won't let him in. Jesus is my Lord and I stand firm on His Word.

    I will keep you in my prayers Jubi, I wish I could do more. You are on the Righ path and just stand firm on the Rock no matter what!!! He is faithful even when we can't understand. You are an amazing testominy and the Lord wants you to share it to bring others to Him. God uses everybad thing and turns it to His Glory.

    Don't give up hope on the church, like I said earlier there are great ones out there, if you can just find one.

    Prayers and Hugs,
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    SO sorry to hear your going through so much. I too feel my church family could be more supportive at times. I too am dissappointed how hypocrital people can be. But we are all only human and all have our faults.

    Give this new church a change. It might work out better for you. Sending prayers and positive thoughts out for you.

    Take care,