Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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    Hi. I have been dealing with CFIDS and related multiple chemical sensitivities since I was a kid. Because I came from a low income family and had a very early onset of
    CFIDS, I've never been able to finish school or develop an employment record of any sort.
    I want to share with you all that I've found myself help for both! I'd like to reassure you all that I'm not here to promote my business I'm sharing something of great importance in my life which is directly related to me CFIDS.
    I found a company called Melaleuca which produces evironmentally friendly natural products which are not harsh on my skin and lungs, non-toxic for my kids and I can actually enjoy the scented bath products and cleaning products without getting a headache and being wiped for the rest of the day!
    When I walk away from cleaning a tough mess without getting sick I feel like I'm walking out of the spa! I haven't been able to enjoy a scented product of ANY SORT since I was very young. I reccommend these products to anyone who has issues with skin sensitivities/allergies/sensitivity to fragrance....frankly I reccommend them to anyone. They work so well.
    The company also has high potency vitamins and other supplements to offer.
    I have been able now to start up my own home business with Mellaleuca which invloved a much lower investment than any refferal based businesses that I've encountered and to boot I really beleive in the products.

    I would be happy to help others find a connection to the company. If you're concerned that I'm trying to use this as free advertising. I'd like to add that my interest here is purely sharing something which has helped me so much and I'd be happy to help anyone connect with someone else from the company so that I do not benefit financially in any way. I'm just so happy to share this which has helped me so much!
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    I like Natural Choices line of cleaning products. I use their liquid fabric softener because it has no smell. I can't tolerate perfumed dryer sheets. I use Oxy-Boost in my dishwasher and their laundry product instead of chlorine bleach. My clothes are white and clean.
  3. SleepyMama

    SleepyMama New Member

    Where do you get them? I'm very happy with what I have now. But it never hurts to check these things out.

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