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    Dear Holy Father,
    I need your help. My husband lost his uncle yesterday. This uncle was considered his "favorite", though he loves all of his family. This uncle helped to shape the person that my husband has become and will be a big loss to the family as a whole.

    His uncle married my husbands mother's sister (edited - fog must have taken over. I had that he married my husbands sister - silly me) after that already had a daughter and she has know this man as the only father that she has ever had. Both my husband and his first cousin have lost their mothers already a few years ago, and they really need the peace and comfort that only You can provide for them.

    My best friend is going through a really difficult situation with her son. He is a teenager that has just moved out of the home this past year and has now developed a serious drug problem. Father, I can feel her heart braking every time that I talk to her or hear her voice and I can't find the words to say to help her. Only You can see her through this and give her the realization that none of this is her fault. She wasn't a bad mother, she couldn't have done anything any differently and no matter how much I tell her this, she blames herself. Give her peace and comfort also and heal the scars that this is leaving on her heart. Help her son to seek treatment and be with him as he recovers from this horrible addiction.

    Father, a member of our church and a very good friend and his wife have just lost a child yesterday to a four-wheeler accident. He had just finished 7th grade and was the baby of the family. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. Their business just burned ot the ground last week and they have more on them now than and one human should have to endure. Father, please comfort them as only you can. See them through these next
    few days and help them to understand that he has come home to be with You.

    Father, I also want to lift up everyone here on this board. These people have been here for me these last several weeks since I joined the board and have been with me through some of the most difficult times of dealing with the pain, helping me to understand, and facing the fact that this is something that has no cure as of yet. Please ease their pain and give me the strength to stand beside them as they need me and as they have so willingly done for me. Give me your words of comfort for all that are lifted in prayer and Father watch over each and every one both mentioned and here on the board.

    In Jesus Holy name I pray, Amen

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    Father God,

    Please reach down to all of us who suffer in chronic pain. You know the cure for the fibromyalgia that has attacked our bodies. Please help scientists to discover the cure...the drug that will put this into remission. If we are able, as we go to church and partake of your body and your blood, we ask you to heal us. Lord, you have gotten me off of morphine. Thank you. Please do more miraculaous things than this for us both. Please reach out to those that are hurting, especially MrsJethro. I believe that she is taking on the weight of the world when you already took that weight for us. May her husband be more understanding...full of patience, peace, and happiness. In the name of the father, son, and holy Spirit. Amen.

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    Your family faces so many serious things hitting during a short time. My prayers for you and your family. I ask God to give you strength in this time of need, I ask him to touch you and give you solace.
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    Dearest Jesus, be with each family mentioned. You see their needs and you know their pain.

    Give them strenght to deal with all that has happened in their lives. Show them that you are Love.

    Hold them in your loving arms and grant them peace. I ask this in your Holy Name. Amen.
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    Dear Lord, please hear our prayers for these loved ones as we lift them up to you. You alone Lord are their hope and deliver. Please send your Holy Spirit to comfort and heal. In Jesus name, Amen