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    It has been ordered that I have an enhanced sleep study by a new physician who specializes in neurally mediated sleep disorders. I wondered if anyone else has been tested by multiple types of sleep studies and their experience with such. My first one was ordered and conducted by a pulmonary specialist who also performed sleep studies. It was explained to me by this new doctor that the particular study I had previously did not measure the neural symptoms as the one he is ordering. Something about the number of leads used and the atmosphere in which the study is performed. Does anyone have any knowledge of this study and any info as what may or may not be shown by it. It may be some time before I am acxtually tested as the other one was done in February and it may not be possible to perform within such a short time frame due to insurnace provider guidelines. Gee just something else to worry about.
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    but they were all for the same thing...sleep apnea. The first one was to diagnose it. The second one was to calibrate the CPAP. And the third one was after I had the UPPP surgery, to see if it helped. (It did...but the surgery was the most difficult I have ever had!)

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    Good luck! God Bless.
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    I had mine done by a Doctor who seemd to specialize in studies for patients with FM/CFS. It was explained to me that most sleep studies are done by pulmonologists and all they look for is sleep apnea.

    There are very specific sleep abnormalities with our conditions, often diagnosed as alpha intrusions or alpha -delta anomalies. Because of this, we do not go in to the deep healing sleep that everyone needs. Only someone with knowledge of these particular problems would be looking for them.

    In terms of the test itself, I have nothing to compare it to. It seemed like I was wired everywhere! However, the setting was pleasant and so were the doctor and the technician. You can get up if you need to. I was allowed to take my meds.I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about it. It's not that bad!

    Good luck