Mum Held Over ME Daughter's Death

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    (Sky News, 8 December 2008)

    A mother has been arrested on suspicion of murdering her acutely ill daughter, who suffered from ME.

    Kay Gilderdale, 54, is now on bail pending further inquiries following the death of her daughter Lynn, 31, a prominent figure in campaigning for better understanding of the illness.

    Mrs Gilderdale provided round-the-clock care for her frail daughter alongside Lynn's father Richard.

    Police were called to her home in Stonegate, near Heathfield, East Sussex, on Thursday morning.

    The investigation is being carried out by Sussex Police's Major Crime Branch.

    Rother district police commander Chief Inspector Heather Keating said: "This is a very tragic incident, but we are not looking for anyone else in connection with it."

    Some 250,000 people are estimated to be affected by ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) in Britain, according to The ME Association's website.

    Common symptoms include severe and debilitating fatigue, painful muscles and joints, disordered sleep, gastric disturbances and poor memory and concentration.

    Relatives of Ms Gilderdale praised her "courage, which she showed to the end" in coping with her "life-destroying" illness.

    They said her death would "leave a massive void in their lives" and added "the love she gave so unreservedly will be missed every minute of the day".

    In a written tribute released through Sussex Police, her family said: "Lynn was young, beautiful, loving and caring.

    "At the age of 14 years she was struck down by ME - an illness greatly misunderstood - and, as a result, suffered the stigma attached to this dreadful illness.

    "She fought long and hard for 17 years with immense bravery, enduring constant pain and sickness. Every system of her body was affected. She required 24-hour care that was provided by her totally dedicated mother, with continuous support from Lynn's father."

    Describing the debilitating effects the illness had on her body, the statement went on: "Lynn suffered many hospital admissions, sometimes lasting several months, for life-threatening conditions.

    "Prior to her illness, which left her paralysed, unable to speak, eat or drink and, until recently, no memory, she was an active healthy teenager full of life's dreams. She enjoyed sailing, swimming, cycling and was an accomplished musician."

    Her family has vowed to continue to campaign for a "better understanding" of ME. "She was a much-loved daughter, sister and granddaughter who, despite her illness, always gave love and support to others.

    "In life Lynn strove to help the medical profession improve their insight into ME, which affects thousands of people in varying degrees of severity.

    "Her dedicated mother, supported by Lynn's family, has pledged to achieve her ultimate goal - for better understanding and recognition of this life-destroying illness."

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    I remember reading about Lynn years ago at this link here:

    It hit home for me because I'm in bed flat on my back most of the time and she looks a lot like I do in that picture. It was an eerie feeling.

    Here's another article similar to the one you posted: u-daughter-dead-16-years-bed.html

    Her mother obviously loved her alot, she should not be up for murder charges. That's just ridiculous. She's always taken such good care of Lynn.

    May Lynn rest in peace.

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    So, so sad.

  4. findmind

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    This is tragic.

    How in the world can they say the loving mother killed her? What evidence do they have?

    Surely an autopsy will be done; that will surely show she had a life-threatening case of M.E.

    My condolences to her family and many, many friends. May her memory remain in our hearts forever.

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    so hopefully within that timescale a thorough autopsy can be done. Her case of ME was particularly severe and life threatening.

    Though there have been some annoying references etc in the media, coverage of Lynn's case has driven home how severe ME can be; and that seems to be what has caught the public's eye.

    There's short coverage from South Today at

    and Channel 5 news at

    tc, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 12/10/2008]
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    December 11, 2008

    ME patient mourned

    More needs to be understood about the sufferings of patients with ME

    Sir, Lynn Gilderdale was a valued member of the 25% ME Group and we are all
    heartbroken by her death (report, Dec 9), especially as we are fully aware
    of her mother's total devotion to her.

    We represent ME sufferers who are totally bedridden, some of whom are tube
    fed and dependent on carers, and others who are lucky enough to be able to
    leave home in a wheelchair occasionally; two other members of our group have
    recently died with ME on their death certificates.

    Despite thousands of medical research papers showing immunological,
    neurological, endocrine, cardiac and gene expression involvement in ME, it
    is thought of as an illness of fatigue and even called chronic fatigue
    syndrome by the media and some doctors.

    Our members in reality have to deal every day with truly debilitating,
    frightening and overwhelming symptoms, and they also have to cope with the
    loss of anything resembling normal life.

    Lack of knowledge from the medical profession, and lack of understanding
    from a society which has been told for years that ME is merely fatigue, can
    make this awful situation truly intolerable. Lynn's mother made the point
    that ME is greatly misunderstood and that Lynn suffered from the stigma as
    well as bravely fighting such severe illness.

    ME sufferers need to have their suffering recognised, and biomedical
    research funded, if more deaths are to be avoided.

    Hayley Klinger

    25% ME Group

    Troon, Ayrshire
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    I'm so glad. Can you imagine losing your daughter to ME and then being locked up?

    will check the articls, thanks a lot.

  8. tansy

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    Never has "Rest in Peace" been more appropriate than for lovely Lynn Gilderdale (Mother arrested as 'yuppie-flu' daughter is found dead after 16 years in bed, Daily Mail, 8 December 2008), who gave so freely and generously, despite her own suffering and whom we all knew and loved as the face of the 25% Group, which represents people who are severely affected with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). We are all broken hearted for her and her Mum, Kay, who also selflessly gives everything she has.

    The best memorial you could offer Lynn would be to pledge never to use the derogatory and wholly inaccurate "Yuppie flu" ever again and join with the M.E. Community in condemning anyone who does. You cannot realise how much harm this derisory tag does to progress in combating this dreadfully disabling neurological illness, which wrecks so many lives, or else I should not have to ask it of you.

    Yours Sincerely
    Dr John H Greensmith
    ME Free For All. org
  9. findmind

    findmind New Member

    I hope more drs write such a letter.

    Kudos to Dr. Greensmith

  10. Bunchy

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    I was very upset to hear about Lynn - she was such a beautiful and brave young lady. I would often read about her when I felt particularly ill and her story would inspire me to keep battling on with my own struggles.

    This news spurred me into action and despite feeling so ill I have hardly been able to write on my computer ( exacerbation of muscle pain and fatigue after Mum's visit whilst DH was away and all the Christmas preparations) I fiinally emailed Merge and the MEA and Prof Puri about funding for his research.

    Prof Puri thanked me for my "useful email" and the MEA have said they will discuss options and get back to me.

    Also I emailed DH her and Sophia Mirza's stories and think he now finally realises why I get so mad at doctors and their stupid CBT and GET nonsense.

    I hope Lynn's death will raise awareness and interest amongst the "real" researchers and genuinely interested and caring doctors and I also hope Lynn rests in peace.

    My heart goes out to her family at this difficult time.

    Love Bunchy x

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