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    this isn't about Lyme, but I know you're from the midwest, who do you see about hormone issues? Also, do you have any anti-viral issues and do you have someone taking care of those? I think I have those besides lyme, but I can't find anyone near.

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    My doc in Springfield, MO is taking care of my hormonal issues. If it wasn't for Dr C I would never have gotten on growth hormone. That's been one of the best treatments for me. One sign of having a growth hormone problem is depression that does not respond to anti-depressants. I have a drawer full of them and couldn't figure out what the fuss was -- like why am I taking them -- they don't DO anything!

    I flunked the stim test for HGH release which was done at a major Chicago teaching hospital. I now see an endocrinologist who has several of Dr C's patients. They are very familiar with the HPA axis issues caused by chronic infections.

    I have high EBV titers. Dr C tried Famvir. I quit taking it because it was making me vomit. I may try valcyte when I see him in May. I HATE the drive down there but he's one of the most compassionate doctors that I've ever met.