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    Hi Munch, I read in one of your posts that you are doing 95% better. That is WONDERFUL!!! You mentioned Growth Hormone and Heparin treatment. Do you feel these two treatments alone are responsible for your improvement of were there other treatments ?

    I am losing the mobility battle here and ready to try something new. Thanks for any insight and so glad you are doing better.

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    Sorry it took me so long to answer -- I just saw your post -- I don't log in here very often. Not much reason for me to do research anymore when I know exactly what my problems are now.

    I think I was deficient in growth hormone since maybe childhood. I flunked the L-Dopa stim test for HGH release. I don't think HGH is wise unless you have a true deficiency.

    Only an endocrinologist will run the test. I'd heard of many who flunked the test but couldn't get the doc to prescribe HGH. Some even required a second test and still didn't get the medication. It's very expensive ($1,200+ per month) and many insurance companies won't cover it unless you flunk the test.

    You can find a good endo by contacting the HGH foundation and/or the Magic Foundation. My doc is one of Magic's advisors so I knew in advance I'd get the med if I really needed it.

    I had insomnia and anxiety in 2nd grade which isn't very common in 7 year olds. I'm 4' 10" which makes me the shortest of my sisters. Both of my brothers are over 6'.

    I had most of these symptoms -- please note the overlap of these with FM symptoms:

    I do think the biggest reason for the problems with growth hormone in my case is multiple tick bites. I was bit in the Ozarks in 1969 and was probably a tick snack long before that. I was a tomboy as a child.

    Hypercoagulation is caused by chronic infections so the heparin was a big help. I think Mikie also did heparin and was helped by it.

    Please feel to email me on my AOL account ... illinoislyme

    I'm sorry you feel like you are losing the battle. Possibly you are not getting the right diagnosis and/or treatment. Wish I had more time to write more. We are leaving first thing in the AM for a trip to see my LLMD.

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